The Advantages of Flashdisk

Flash disk is a device that serves as data storage devices. Same function as the role of hard disk in a computer. In the past, the role of replacing the function of the diskette that is useful for storing data on portable computers or easy to carry, carry.
During the era of computers is introduced, Humans began to require data storage media. In the beginning, which is a portable storage medium such as disk size is 5 inch. Then, came the development of a smaller disk with a size 3.5 inch. However, both types of storage media that together have a weakness in the capacity of data that can be saved.
In addition, differences in the concept of flash disk, floppy disk storage media using analog
technology. Thus, the level of security was not so protected. The floppy was considered impractical to carry. Because, the more data stored, the more the number of disks that will be taken.
That is considered a weakness that diskette is in the computer data storage devices. Along the development of computer technology, data storage systems also began to change.
Data storage system that has already started to create a large capacity of digital technology. By utilizing a computer interface called the USB, is used as a substitute for the reader floppy drive. The new system of data storage was done by the name of the flash disk.

The Advantages of  Flashdisk
As new data storage technology, the flash disk into a device that must be possessed by the computer user that has high mobility. This is because the use of flash disk has several advantages. Among them are:
  1. Flash disk data storage capacity is far greater than the diskette. This is because the system used in the digital database, which is different from the concept disc based on the concept of analog.

    2. Flash drive easier to carry because of its tiny. With a capacity level, regardless of the data stored, is stored in one flash disk only.

    3. Data security is more awake than using floppy disks. Because, in the storage disks, in addition to the threat of viruses, in a humid room conditions susceptible to fungal attacks that damage the physical condition of a disk. This risk is not to be found in the flash disk.

    4. Multi function. There are several types of flash disk that can play multiple functions, such as can be used as an mp3 music player.

    5. Easy to adapt to a variety of computer operation system and the concept of plug and play, flash disk can be directly used without having to install the driver flash disk on a computer.


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