How Are Computers Used in Aviation

In fact, aviation industry has been greatly evolved. The US Air Force made a major step to adopt computers in its airplanes. It took more than a decade to before commercial airliners began to adopt them. DC-10 was the first commercial airliner to adopt computer-assisted flight controls. The Airbus A340 was also approved and implemented on this base.

The next major area for computers to conquer was the design of aircraft, though many aircraft designers disagree on how much control should remain with the pilot and how much should be given to a computer. Designing a plane such as a large passenger airplane is an immensely complex job involving thousands of engineers and ultimately hundreds of thousands of pages of blueprint (planning of design). In 1980's, Boeing decided to build a new large passenger jet and the program's managers made a fundamental and drastic decision to design the plane entirely on computers, without using traditional paper designs. The result was the Boeing 777, which first flew in 1994 which many people referred to as "the first 21st Century Jet."

Computers have made possible all those difficult tasks bringing a great revolution in human lives. The aviation industry is advancing rapidly making all our dreams of flying a reality! For this, the students can pursue different courses of flying after completing their education. Besides aeronautical engineering, there are several courses a student can pursue if he is interested in flying. Computers help immensely to seek their career goals. Refurbished computers to latest model tablet computers, all help in student's life. They also prefer used computers or refurbished laptops in their career pursuit!

There are many uses of modern computing equipment on board in aircrafts today which simplify a pilot's job and have contributed to change a traditional pilot's role. Flight management systems, electronic instrument displays and right to the latest Airbus and Boeing, incorporated on recent developments have all played important parts in making the job easier, safer and comfortable for us!

The latest application of computers is for what is called "the Airborne Internet." Aircrafts are connected by radio and satellite link to a global information system that provides information on the weather, flight plan and aircrafts in their immediate vicinity.


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