Netbook vs. Full-Sized Laptop

Wondering whether to buy a Netbook or a Full-Sized Laptop? Well, if you are looking for a portable mobile computing device, both Netbook and Laptop are very good choice. But which is the best? You should consider a number of things like price, productivity, operating system, etc. in this regard. In this article we will discuss about Netbook and Full-Sized Laptop. Explore this article and pick your preferred one. For troubleshooting any types of PC issues, you can consult a computer repair company that offer remote tech support.

We will start the discussion with the reasons to choose a netbook over a laptop. The first thing that draws you towards netbook is its portability. Most of the Netbooks are the size and shape of a small hardcover book and so it is much easier to carry. In terms of price too, Netbooks are better choice. They are cheaper than
similar laptops. But with Netbooks you need to compromise with the size of the drives, memory, and quality of powerful processors.

Since Netbooks use less-powerful processors and solid-state storage so it keeps them at a comfortable temperature. You can easily keep it on your lap. Besides, as good Netbooks come with solid-state disk drives they are much better at withstanding accidental falls. Due to this reason, Netbook is ideal for young children and teenagers.

Now we will have a closer look why laptop is better choice than Netbook. When it comes to productivity, laptop stands tall. Laptop has large screen, better processing power which allow you to work more efficiently. You might not be familiar with RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury. This is one of the most devastating and common ailments that can occur as a consequence of typing too much in bad conditions. An undersized netbook keyboard is the reason of RSI in many cases.

In terms of other accessories like DVD players, etc. that won't fit into tiny Netbooks. In addition, laptops also include higher-Quality Parts than the typical netbook. When it comes to longevity, laptop screens, touchpads, and keyboards last much longer than netbook. Apart from this, expandability is another factor that you should bring under consideration. Most laptops that are available in the market can accept additional computer memory (RAM) as well as larger disk drives. Even you will also find some laptops that allow you upgrade the processor and the wireless card. But with Netbooks you will never get this freedom.

Now you should ask yourself what is your requirement. According to your requirement you can either buy a desktop or laptop.


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