The Value of Protecting Your Computer with a Power Backup System

Computers run on power, but utility power supplies can be unpredictable and unexpected outages or surges can be frustrating and even damaging unless you have your equipment protected by an uninterruptible power supply. More commonly known as a UPS, this power back up is a relatively inexpensive and convenient way to protect both your data and your computers from voltage changes and power anomalies.

A power outage can cause a variety of problems for computer owners with unprotected equipment. For PC's, a sudden loss of power can lead to data loss and hardware damage. When utility power is cut, the computer will immediately turn off losing any data that was unsaved and potentially damaged components which rely on the power supply to provide constant clean power.
Utility power outages can affect computers without a quality uninterruptible power supply by wearing on equipment, causing the power supply to actually burn out sooner than with UPS protection. In fact, any components that are wired together in a unit can be damaged by changes in electrical voltage. Often it is the fluctuations, the spikes or surges and the drops or brown-outs that occur on the line before the power company loses everything that can also be damaging. Some levels of fluctuation occur during normal energy usage as well, but quality UPS's are designed to function as a battery backup that can moderate both minor daily stresses and extreme reactions such as total power losses.

Power backup systems can protect against both power loss and power surge to avoid data corruption and equipment damage. A battery backup's internal batteries provide run time to allow the computer to shut down normally or to hold it until normal power resumes. This avoids stress on the equipment, inconvenience for the
computer users and loss of valuable data. It also absorbs small surges and smoothes out noisy power sources.

More elaborate battery backup protection systems also offer alarm warnings, automatic shutdown and restart, short circuit protection and a monitoring system of the utility power supply status. They can also display the amount of voltage currently coming in from the line. Protecting your valuable stored information and your computer equipment just makes sense, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your work is safe is certainly worth the price of a very affordable power backup system.


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