How A Client Experiences A Colocation Center

When people think of colocation, they are quick to place it in the enormous umbrella of IT services. Because so many things are places under that umbrella, it is easy for their importance to be diminished and their true value to be forgotten. With the massive boom of social media and other technology companies, the need for colocation is in high demand. So much is the need for rack space, that even the larger providers in the country are running out of space.
This has led the bigger technology companies to begin planning to build their own data center. This could prove to be a very risky move, that is why only the very large companies [such as Facebook] are pursuing this option. On the other hand if it pays off, they will have a center completely customized to their exact specifications and needs, which will also be adaptable to their growth plans. What exactly goes into building a colocation center and what is even inside? An overload of technology.
Colocation centers are large warehouses which can be stand alone buildings or a large spaces inside a regular
office building. There are some buildings, known as premier connectivity hubs, which are dedicated to leasing out space to colocation providers. In these spaces, each provider is responsible for ensuring that their space is up to par with the rules and regulations of a proper center. Many things can be customized to the carriers' liking, including but not limited to: specific rack types, specialized security alarm systems and choice of fire prevention method.
The amount of time and attention to detail which must be paid to getting any data center up and running is astonishing. Not including the equipment and security measures which must be taken with the hardware, there must be a plan for the entire experience of the colocation center, starting with the minute a client decided to visit the center.
Information on the company website must be accurate and easy to navigate, so that the client may find their way to the location. Once they arrive at the center, there must be high security making sure they are even in the correct place. Certain centers give their clients specialized keycards to gain entry. Other high tech centers have hand or full body scans. Of course, one must make sure that the entrance to the center is also under careful surveillance via closed-circuit security cameras.
After gaining access to the center, a colocation company must make sure that the client sees that their hardware is being properly taken care of. Having 'cold' lanes for certain high performing hardware is essential because it keeps them from overheating. Also, a data center is typically kept at a cool temperature, ensuring that all of the hardware are at their optimal working temperature.
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