How to Access Netgear Wireless Router Settings

Instructions for How to Access Netgear Wireless Router Settings
Netgear wireless router settings must be changed using the router's web-based interface. Any computer on the network can be used to access it. From the Settings menu, options such as "Encryption," "Network setup details" and "Passwords" can be customized.
There are a few different variations of login credentials. Though these steps will use the details that work for the most common router models, the alternate login details that other models of Netgear wireless routers use will also be included.
1. pen any web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. In the address bar, enter "″ (without the quotes) and press the enter key. This will bring up the login prompt for most Netgear wireless routers. If that doesn't work, try "", "″, or "″ until
the login window appears.
2. Enter the username "admin" (again, without the quotes), and the password "password" in the appropriate fields, then click OK to login. If that password fails, try "1234," "Password" (with a capital "P"), or "admin" until you are greeted with the settings screen.
3. Make any required changes to the settings. Under security, it is possible to specify a new username and password for added security. Once you are done, close the window, and the system will automatically log you out.

Tips & Warnings

Always secure a wireless network to prevent outsiders from being able to change your network settings.
You can access the settings area for our router from any computer on the network, not just the computer that is hard wired to the router. Set up a user name and password other than the default ones so that other people cannot tamper with your router's settings or connect to your network.


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