Seagate HDD U5 drive family Typical Malfunctions

The malfunctions typical of Seagate U5 hard drive family are: failures of 12 V pass-through diodes, of the  microchip controlling the spindle motor and VCM and some components supporting its operation (the HDA usually does not suffer in such cases); failures of reading-writing channel on the drive's PCB are much less frequent in HDDs of that family. These drives are typically based on a microcontroller chip in BGA case; its pad may be completely or partially filled with compound. According to our practical experience, drives with pads completely filled with compound are more failsafe.
The surface of microcontroller chip completely covered with compound heats uniformly and cools down in the same manner. A microchip covered with compound in the center only heats up in the central part faster, the heating is not so intensive along chip edges. As time passes, such conditions cause thermal micro deformations of the controller, which may result in loss of some contacts between the controller and the electronics board
(problem with BGA mounting).
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