What Is a Genesis Printer?

Multifunction printers continue to be a popular choice for business establishments and offices because they can do several essential functions for the business such as printing, scanning, and copying while not taking up much space on the desk. Many manufacturers agree with the concept which explains why there are so many choices to choose from but overall quality of the printer is pulled in so many directions making it very difficult to make a decision. Many multifunction printers feel to meet the expectations of one function, defeats the point in a way since it's designed to replace dedicated printers and scanners in hopes of saving space. The Lexmark Genesis printer may not be a perfect product but it sure demonstrates some innovation in a rather small package.
Lexmark describes its new Genesis printer as a "Now-in-One" printer and the S815 model will be the first of
its kind to fall in this new category. The overall look of this printer is far different than any all-in-one machine because it uses an entirely different method of scanning. Rather than having the features of a flatbed scanner, the Genesis printer features a 10-megapixel imaging sensor instead. This imaging sensor is responsible for the very fast scanning capabilities.
The technology is called Flash Scan Technology where the camera makes use of a fish-eye lens to take a snapshot of the document being scanned. It then uses some special algorithms that convert the fish-eye image into a flat image. The colour accuracy could use some improvement but scanning text documents look really good. The real draw is the fact that documents can be scanned in well under 5 seconds. The common operations can be done just by using the 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen display located on the front panel. This screen doubles as the preview pane so you can see what the scanned documents look like. Inserting the document is a bit different since you need to fold it outward.
The Genesis also has inkjet printing capabilities which are decent for minimal small business usage. It can print around 33 pages per minute when the black setting is used and it only slows down to 30 pages per minute when using colour. It is also possible to print 4 x 6 coloured photos taking about 30 seconds for every photo. Print jobs are a bit faster when using the Eco Mode which takes the form of a button. This is the greener side of the Genesis printer and it also supports two-sided printing so jobs are a bit faster. It also meets the Energy Star standards
The Lexmark Genesis also has Wi-Fi built right into the device and it can take advantage of Wireless-N routers for faster connectivity in the network. It also comes with WPS which is quick wizard that helps set up the Now-in-One printer for wireless usage in just 2 steps.
Even just by looking at the vertical design, the Lexmark Genesis clearly stands out from the other multifunction printers. The Flash Scan technology serves as a great precursor for what to expect in future models once Lexmark focuses on other capabilities.


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