Why Should We Buy Sony HDR-XR150?

The totality of what a real camera or a video recorders for is to keep the beauty and essence of every moment which had become portion of exactly what we are. The truth that most people can't turn the time back once we already have took an action for a particular condition is usually an indication that all you can is usually to get the perfect souvenir that could commemorate the exact feeling we've shown and just how essential each time which had passed in every tick-tack in our clock.

Why must i take for granted for which I know is the best, whenever it's very much obvious that Sony HDR-XR150 can provide this?.

I want it at its best.

Everything happens for a reason. What ever it is, I have to see its perfection, the perfection i can't see or value
merely with my naked eyes. I want to see how I look in every angle of my life. I would like to see who I am in the midst, at my darkest, at the most pleasing time, at lightest, at boredom, in the bluest, at most colorful part, at vagueness; easily put it that way, I would like to see who exactly I am at its best.

I don't want to caught myself feeling sorry cause I haven't found what really the cause of joy from what I've done from the past. I want improvement from my job well-done. Sounds silly, but I would like to be aware of the reason for their complaint. Its just I am wrongly identified as individuals who are trying to give me motivation as we say, "you are good!", and people who want to put me down such as I am the worst creature ever in this world.

I own my life. That's the great thing I could say. The reason I'd like every thing to be at its best. No person can play my role in this world aside from me. Therefore please, would you be my mirror?

Flashbacks only happen in the movies. The words rewind and fast forward don't exist in this world. So would you be my reflection in every move I'm doing?

I'm the model of my own life. I ramp in the stage where the eyes of judgement are my spotlight. The responsibility of walking on my high heels as well as irritating costumes are the lesson that raising me to become a better person. Very tiring isn't it. But I must learn how to handle every situation for what they so called perfect shot.

Could you take me some pictures and videos? Oh by the way, could you use Sony HDR-XR150? Cause I want it at its best.


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