Make Your Windows 7 PC Perform Fast With Microsoft's Optimizing Tools

PC slowdown is an unavoidable problem and every PC user comes across this problem. There are various products available in the market to make your Windows 7 computer perform like a brand new. They delete the cookies and remove unwanted clutter from your PC. Well, you don't need to buy any of these third party software programs to perform this task. Microsoft is well aware about the fact of PC slowdown and due to this reason they have offered some built-in tools which help the users to make their PC perform like a brand new. In this article we will talk more about them.

If you are using the latest processor and other PC components, then too you won't stop your computer from being slowing down. There are several reasons for which this problem occurs. A large number of software programs, unwanted clutters, etc. are some of the most common reasons for which the PC slows down. If the computer gets infected by viruses then too you will experienced a significant decrease in PC performance. Given below are some important things that you can do to boost the speed of your Windows 7 computer.

You can start with the Performance troubleshooter. This is a very useful program that takes care of various PC slowing possibilities and fixes them. Don't know how to run the Performance troubleshooter? Click the Start button and in the search box type troubleshooter, and press Enter. Click on the link that states Check for performance issues. You will find it under System and Security. Once you click Next, it will start analyzing your PC and fix the issues.

To boost the performance of your Windows 7 computer you should also remove programs that are no longer in use. Over time, the number of installed programs on your computer increases and you probably don't use many of them. Even you will find many programs that you have installed just a give a try. Remove all these unwanted programs. To un-install programs you can click on the Start button and then choose Control Panel. Next you need to click Uninstall a program under programs.

You also need to use Disk Cleanup to get rid of temporary files. If your hard drive requires defragmenting, this will be suggested by the Trouble shooter. To perform this task, you need to click on the Start button, and then type Disk Defragmenter in the Search box. Consulting Computer services companies could be a good choice to make your PC perform at its best.

Once the above mentioned steps are followed, you will experience a significant boost in your PC's performance. For further assistance you may consult an expert.


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