Looking After Cheap Laptops – How to Make Your Laptop Last Longer

Most people love a good bargain and there’s always a deal to be had on electrical items such as cheap laptops. Simply by shopping around, looking for special offers and asking the right questions you can get hold of cheap laptops at an even further discounted rate.

Cheap laptops need just as much thought and consideration when it comes to use, maintenance and storage as the most expensive laptops on the market. After all, it’s not really a bargain if two weeks after your purchase you drop the laptop and smash it! Below are four top tips for looking after cheap laptops (and indeed laptops of all prices!)

1) Let your laptop breathe

Don’t be tempted to use your laptop when it’s still inside your laptop bag, even if you’re on the move and in a rush! Using a laptop in its bag (or even resting a laptop on a cushion on your knees) can cause heat to build up through poor air circulation. If you often use your laptop on the go then try to rest it on the table on trains or you could create a small platform to sit in your laptop box to help aid air circulation.

2) Keep your laptop warm

Just like people, cheap laptops can feel the cold and chilly weather conditions and this can be potentially dangerous to your laptop. Don’t be tempted to leave your laptop in your car boot over night in winter (or any time of year as it’ll be much more secure inside) as cold conditions can actually freeze your laptop. You should also keep your laptop free from damp conditions so be especially careful in rooms where condensation can build up in cool weather.

3) Store your laptop safely

Cheap laptops and more expensive ones both need to be stored correctly. Don’t leave your laptop on the floor, even for a minute. Warm laptops can be very enticing to pets such as cats to make a bed on and all the bright buttons can allure children to your laptop with sticky fingers and spilled drinks. Obviously leaving laptops on the floor can result in them being stood on and completely broken in one step. Make sure your laptop stays safe and store it on a desk (not the kitchen table) or keep it safe in a sturdy laptop bag.

4) Travelling tips

If you travel with a laptop then invest in a proper laptop bag. No matter how little you pay for cheap laptops, if they’re not carried in a bag designed for laptops they are much less likely to survive being dropped. When travelling on flights, keep your laptop with you at all times as checking it in can mean it gets battered about with the rest of the luggage, or stolen or lost, which if you use your laptop for business purposes can be devastating. All laptops have varying functions and facilities, whether they’re cheap laptops or more pricy ones, so make sure you are familiar with how your laptop works before you take it on a long trip with you. Getting to a foreign country and not knowing how to turn the wireless function on or how to access your emails could be a disaster.

Always keep your eyes peeling for bargains when investing in cheap laptops but once you have yours, don’t forget to treat it with the same respect as if it was twice the price!


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