Some Interesting Ways To Play Funny Tricks On Friends Online On April Fool's Day

Thanks to the power of the Internet, playing tricks on your friends has never been easier today. Using Instant Messaging Software seems to be the best way to do it; so to get started playing some interesting tricks on your friends, all it takes is just a little imagination and your IM program!

Determine how well your friend understands computers. If they have computer savvy, you are unlikely to fool them with instant message tricks, and should move on to "Trick 5" right away. If they are somewhat new to instant messaging, then you have got "easy victims" for a few simple yet funny tricks. Now log into your instant messaging system and start a conversation with your friends. This will work best if you and your friends are using the same messaging system, with the same fonts and formats.
Trick 1: Convince your friend that he or she said things they never did before. By copying and pasting your friend's message into your send message screen but then editing it before you send it; you can quote your friend as saying things he or she never said. Particularly gullible friends even can be convinced that the computer is checking and correcting their spelling.
Trick 2: Send your friend misdirecting links. For example, you can tell your friend you just saw an amazing video of her favorite musicians, and send her a YouTube link. But instead, you send a link to a Rick Astley clip. This world-famous trick is also known as a "Rick Roll."

Trick 3: Use another secret account to sign in, and pretend to get acquainted with your friend. They think you are a stranger, so the chatting will be very interesting. Don't be afraid if they request for a voice chat, or even a webcam chat. Arm yourself with a voice changing software program, or a software program for editing your webcam images. If you have no clue exactly which program to choose, come visit

Trick 4: Pretend that your computer has an automated internet digital camera. Tell your friend to smile at his or her monitor, so you can take a picture of him or her over your chat software. Ham it up by asking your friend to say "Cheese." Wait a few seconds, then tell him or her that you got the photo and will send it to him or her. Then send your friend a photo of a monkey instead!
Trick 5: Another fun thing to do if your friend has wireless internet access is hanging around outside her or his house with your laptop and then start an instant message conversation. Chat casually for a bit, and then ask if you can come over. If your friend says yes, immediately ring the doorbell or knock on the door.


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