Tips and Tricks to Increase the Speed of Your Computer

Nowadays, in order to speed up the computer, many users may use various ways.If you want to get some tips on how to speed up your computer so that you can avoid unnecessary stress when dealing with a slow computer. This article is for you as we will share a few tricks that you can use to speed up your PC.
One trick to increase the computer speed is to partition. The higher the number of partitions you have the easier it will be for you to find data in any area of your hard disk. Make sizable partitions as per the size of the hard disk you have. Be careful while doing this to avoid the mistake that cause many people to lose their data when they try to partition or format their hard disks.
Defragmenting the hard disk is also another tip you can apply to increase the computer speed. When you delete or create or move files these partitions you have generated become more fragmented as they are scattered in different areas of the hard disk thus decreasing the speed and consequently the overall performance of your system. When you see that the system is becoming slower over time, you should use disk defragmenter and do it regularly to enhance the speed.
The other major trick that you can do at any time is to avoid saving unwanted files and programs. This may be in terms of movies, sings and games especially in Drive C. It is recommended that you get save them in a different folder in the same drive or save them in a different drive altogether. Disable programs that you do not use when they automatically appear on the start menu as this will change the overall performance. With these tips and tricks, am sure that you will increase the computer speed in no time.


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