Battery Care - Regular Battery Maintenance Can Prolong Battery Life

If regular battery maintenance isn't part of your car care routine, you may be heading for a stall. Regular inspections and maintenance of your car's battery can help ensure safe and reliable starts, in both hot and cold Lead in UK laptop battery
Batteries Plus stores offer free hp dv9000 Battery and electrical system testing in addition to a visual inspection of your car battery to look for common problems such as corrosion, poor connectors and failed hold downs that can affect battery performance.
"Even if you don't have to cope with winter weather where you live," said Russ Reynolds, CEO of
Batteries Plus, "heat and humidity can cause battery problems, too. The bottom line is that it's no fun having to deal with a dead battery, no matter what the weather. That's why we recommend having your car's battery checked every three to six months."
Reynolds offers these battery inspection and maintenance tips designed to maximize the life of your Hp hstnn-db42 battery and improve its performance in any climate. Note: If you attempt battery maintenance yourself, always wear proper eye, hand and body protection to help prevent burns and serious injury from the acid and corrosive chemicals inside the battery.Welcome to

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Tip 1:
Loose battery hold-downs leave the battery subject to vibrations, which can cause the active material to shed from the car battery plate grids, resulting in a shorter dell xps m1730 battery life.
What to do:
  • Secure the battery firmly to its mounting bracket.
Tip 2: Corroded terminals resulting from sulfuric acid overflows from the lead acid cells within the battery, or moisture buildups, can also cause a car battery to fail over time.
What to do:
  • Check the terminals where the battery cables connect and make sure they are tight and corrosion-free. If you see corrosion, ask a qualified technician to fix the problem.
  • Keep terminal clamps clean. If you see an accumulation of a powdery, white substance around the electrodes, use baking soda and water to clean the clamps.
  • Prevent future corrosion by using an anti-corrosion spray on the exposed metal parts of the terminals and cables.laptop battery from
Tip 3: Visible swelling, cracks or vents in your battery's case are an indication that the battery is failing and should be replaced.
  • Do a visual inspection of your dell xps m1330 battery regularly. If you see indications of battery failure, have your battery checked by a qualified technician and replaced if necessary.
  • Keep your battery clean. Even small amounts of dirt deposited on the battery can lead to a power "leak" and cause uncontrolled discharge and power loss.


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