The Best Way to Backup Hard Drives

My friend Jacqueline called me up and told that the hard drive on her computer was crashed. She was upset as all of her important data were lost. I suggested her ways to recover lost data. You may also come across situations like her. So, the best thing is to back up hard drives on a regular basis. Now there are many ways to accomplish this task. Are you thinking about the best methods to backup your hard drives? Well, in this article we will discuss about three of the best methods to backup hard drives. For data backup you can also talk to a computer repair company.

Creating a drive image is one of the most popular ways to backup hard drives. You can use a good backup software program for creating a disk image. Since the process is very successful and tested method most of
the big corporations use this approach to protect their data. Let's have a closer look at what the process exactly is. A drive image is a detailed representation of every bit and byte that are located on the hard disk of your computer. With the drive image, you can restore your lost data to any hard drive whenever you want. So, if your PC just crashed you can easily restore the drive image into the new hard drive. It is recommended to create the drive image after installing a clean version of Windows XP. Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image, etc. are some of the most notable software in this regard.

You can also use another Hard Drive, CD or DVD to backup the hard drive. The process is very simple and you don't require any third party software as well. Just copy your existing important data to another hard disk. An external portable hard drive is an ideal choice in this aspect. However, there is also chance that this second hard drive may also fail. You can use DVD or Blu-ray disk as these media are much less likely to fail than that of the hard drives.

Using an online Backup Service is another very popular method to backup data. There are many data backup service providers that allow the users to store gigabytes of data online for a fee. Here data is safer as there is no chance of disaster and theft. Online backup services providers use huge, clustered servers to protect important data of the user. But the cost of online backup services is very high and this is the only drawback of this mode of data backup. However, it is decreasing recently. These are some most useful ways to backup your hard drives.


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