Computer Memory - A Useful Guide

Random Access Memory referred as RAM is a very useful component of a computer. Often regarded as computer memory, RAM plays a very crucial role to boost your computer's performance. Don't know whether you need to buy more memory for your computer or not? Or whether the memory on your computer is sufficient or not? Well, in this article we will discuss about all these important things. To install RAM, or for any other Windows help you can consult a remote computer support provider.
How will you know whether your computer requires more memory or not? There are certain situations that indicate that your computer requires more RAM. If you are upgrading your operating system then you need to install more RAM. Besides, while installing resource hungry applications, multimedia cards, or at the time of adding more computer peripherals, your computer requires more RAM. If you experience your computer is performing very sluggishly then too you can fix the issue by adding more computer memory.
Let's have a look at while upgrading the operating system why more RAM is required. For instance, if there is windows XP operating system on your computer and you want to install Windows 7, then you need to install more RAM. This is because, Windows XP runs excellently with 512 MB RAM but Windows 7 requires
1GB of RAM. So, if you don't install more RAM you will never be able to enjoy faster computing.
At the time of installing new applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Premiere Pro you also need to have sufficient RAM on your computer. These applications are resource hungry and to perform at their best they need to have more computer memory. There are also a number of and games that will refuse to run if they find your memory lacking.
While installing multimedia cards too you may need to install more RAM. There are two types of cards such as video cards and sound cards. Although video cards have a built-in memory but there should be adequate main system RAM. If there is not sufficient memory, you can never reap the best from the video cards. The same is applicable for cases if you would like to add any computer peripherals like a printer or scanner to your system.  Printers and scanners eat up a lot of memory when handling large image files.
Now the question is how much computer memory is sufficient for your computer. The requirements are changing everyday as more and more resource hungry applications are hitting the market. However, typically, 2GB DDR3 RAM is considered as normal requirement for running most of the applications while to run resource hungry games you should have more than 4GB memory.


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