How to save money buying Printer cartridges..!

I was surprised on the amount of money a new printer cartridge cost in the stores. I'm a person that uses the printer quite often so for me to keep replacing them every time they run out, I would be a very broke man at the end of the year.
I started to wonder to myself if there was any other way I can purchase ink cartridges for a cheaper price, but every store or market I went to sold the cartridges at the same price. So then I started to go online to see if it would make any difference and bam straight away I noticed one or two sites that sold the type of cartridges I needed for a much cheaper price. Also I noticed that if you buy recycled printer cartridges it cost much more cheaper and the printing quality is more like the same as the top brands out there, you wouldn't really notice
the difference.
I have a Lexmark printer and on it, it says that you shouldn't use recycled printer cartridges because they can damage the printer, but that is a load of rubbish, I've used re filled printer cartridges many of times on my printer and it has never given me any trouble. That message is only there to scare the consumer so that they spend their money and purchase the expensive brand of cartridges from the company that made the printer, that's how they make the money out of you, so don't be fooled.


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