Online Tech Support Helped Me Installing My Printer

Hello, I'm Java. I'm a teacher by profession. It is daily to make notes every day before going to the school for teaching the students. The notes prepared by me help the students to understand the topic more clearly. Earlier I used to prepare the notes and then chalk it in the board which the students used to copy for themselves. However, it was very time consuming. Therefore, I decided to buy a printer so that I can distribute the printed copies of the notes. This would both my time and students energy that spend on copying the notes.
My brother had bought a printer many years ago, that was lying unused since its purchase. Therefore, I decided to make use of that printer. I connected all the cables between the computer and the printer very carefully. I clicked on my computer to see the result, however, the print did not respond. I searched in the net regarding the problem and found out that it was for due to the unavailability of the printer driver. I searched
the entire carton of the printer, but could not locate the driver CD. I searched the net again in order to get some help, when I encountered the tech support facility offered by many online companies. I soon jotted down one of the companies number and called them immediately for getting printer support.
The operator was quick in responding to my call. She enquired about my problem and then transferred my call to the technician who helped many users like me in installing a printer. When asked, the technician explained me that printer driver installation was important so that the printer is recognized by the operating system of my computer. Installation of the printer driver would help the computer to accept printer as its part, thereby establishing the connection between the computer and the printer. I then told the technician that I had lost the printer driver. To this, he reacted very calmly and asked me to give details about my printer model. He then guided me that the printer's driver can be downloaded from the printer's manufacturer's site by giving the details about the printer model. He then helped in downloading the driver. Once the driver was downloaded, he then assisted me in installing the printer by guiding me in every step. The company's remote access system via Internet helped me to install the printer without carrying my entire computer set-up to the workshop. It took me few minutes to install the printer and the work was successfully done. It was a relief for me to see the test printout coming out of the printer. Since then, I have been printing notes for my students on a regular basis.


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