Why Linux Is Better Than Windows?

Which operating system are you using on your computer? Is it Windows operating system or Linux? Windows OS is the most popular operating system among the PC users. It might be a useful operating system but while using this operating system you might not get a trouble-free environment. On the other hand, another open source operating system Linux can render better computing experience. In this article we will discuss about the problems that the Windows users commonly encounter and try to find out why Linux is better than Windows.

Surfing internet on a Windows machine without antivirus or anti-malware can lead serious system error. This operating system is vulnerable to malicious objects like viruses, spyware, and adware, etc. Sometimes, you may even find situations like after having antivirus solutions on a machine, the computer is infected. On the
contrary, you will never face these types of situations with Linux.

When it comes to network connections, Linux is much better than Windows. It is true that Windows operating system boasts much more support for wireless networking hardware, but it is not as better as Linux. If you configure a network on a Linux computer, you will hardly experience problems. In fact, this operating system has been intended be on the network.

Windows users experience mysterious application crashes in many cases. But with Linux you will not face this problem. Even if you come across such situation, you can easily figure out why such problem occurred. Well, in Windows, you may try the Event Viewer, but it will hardly offer you any help.

PC slowdown is a very common problem that the Windows users experience quite often. There could be various reasons like fragmentation, virus, malware or operating system related issues. But if you use Linux operating system, you will hardly come across this kind of problem.

Since Windows computer is vulnerable to problems, so you need Windows Repair quite often to fix issues. But Linux troubleshooting is very easy. Even in many cases you don't need to opt for Linux support from a PC repair company. Just fix the issues (although, they are rare) on your own.

Another important reason is the price. The cost of Windows operating system is very high while Linux operating system is absolutely free. With Linux you get a safer, more secure, reliable operating system without paying even a buck.

Let's have a look at the features of Windows 7 and Fedora 11. Windows 7 boasts an OS X-like Doc, mapping application similar to Google Earth, Multi-touch screen as well as Hyper-Visor virtualization, location-aware apps, User Access Control improvements, and Sidebar removal. On the contrary, Fedora 11 takes 20-second boot time and has better C++ support, ext4 default file system, Cups PolicyKit integration, DNS Security (DNS SECurity), IBUS input method replaces SCIM (to overcome limitations), Fingerprint reader integration, GNOME 2.26, KDE 4.2, etc.

So, from every aspect, Linux is much better than Windows.


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