Powerful Attributes of Quantum DAT-160 Backup Tape Solution

Looking for an affordable, scalable, economical and high-speed data storage solution to handle the shrinking backup windows? You can meet all of these objectives with the DDS tape format that is also called DAT (digital audio tape). DAT technology is a reliable and low-cost solution for medium and small businesses.

Quantum is a leading brand across tape and disk-based backup product line. Quantum's backup media products clearly stand apart.  Incorporating the 6th generation of DAT technology, the Quantum DAT-160 tape solution provides highly cost-effective backup performance.  Quantum DAT160 technology is ideal for desktop workstations, branch offices, SMBs, data rich applications and workgroups.

Well defined DAT roadmap and backward compatibility makes migration easier, cost-effective and
pain-free.  That is why the budget-conscious customers prefer DDS-DAT tape format.  Quantum DAT-160 cartridge, part number CDM72, delivers an impressive native capacity of 80GB. The capacity seamlessly doubles in compressed mode and reaches up to 160 GB.  Quantum DAT 160 drives reliable and cost-effectively perform backup operations at a higher speed of 6.9 MB/s, whereas their backup rate extends to 50GB/hour (compressed).

Quantum DAT160 drives are very space-efficient and provide you more choice.  You can easily configure them internally or as a table-top drive.  The 5.25 and 3.5 inch form factors enable you to flexibly integrate the DAT-160 tape drives in a variety of organizations and backup environments. Quantum DAT-160 solution performs backup operations more efficiently and better than the competing tape technologies.

DAT-DDS is a popular and successful data storage solution that is backed up by the global giants in tape media industry including Sony, TDK, Imation, IBM, HP, Maxell and Fuji.  Quantum DAT-160 tape drives are designed to fully support the DDS4 and DAT72 tape media. DAT 160 drives can write and read data from both of these previous generation DDS tapes with rock solid reliability.  This is really great news for the value-conscious customers as they can continue using their previous generation DAT-DDS tape cartridges.

Quantum DAT-160 tape products are priced competitively priced, and ensure lower operational and maintenance costs.  This enables the customers to handle the relentlessly growing data protection needs regardless of their increasing budget constraints. All brands of DAT-160 tape cartridges are rigorously designed to meet the industry standards. The readers won't have to do any searching as I have listed down the part numbers of few best-selling DAT160 cartridges:

27746,    TDK DAT 160 backup tape
C8010A,   HP DAT160 tape
17204,       Imation DAT160 tape cartridge
18P7912,  IBM DAT-160 tape
DGDAT72,  Sony DAT160 backup tape
200200,   Maxell DAT-160 tape
26046172, Fuji DAT160 tape cartridge

Good news is that Quantum DAT-160 drives are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant, which provides customers complete peace of mind.  The IT managers have more interface options as the Quantum DAT-160 drives features SCSI 3 ultra-160 and SAS interfaces. What's more, USB 2.0 interface also has been introduced to provide super-fast backup operation capability.  Quantum ensures supreme quality and longer working life to provide high-class backup media solution you can trust. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.


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