Technology versus Teachers

A good educational administrator is always involved with the task of hiring, observing, monitoring, evaluating and supporting teachers on a daily basis. He/she is fully aware of the fact that computers can never be a replacement of good teachers. Even though, computers and information technology has advanced to an awesome level, students are always in need of good teachers, counselors, educationists and scholars!
It is universally agreed that there is nothing more important and influential to the success of a student than a good teacher. Some important characteristics of a good teacher is sound classroom management skills, ability to actively engage all learners, firm understanding of best practices and effective techniques, thorough knowledge of subjects, attend to the needs of all learners, designs lessons that foster critical thinking skills, are
supportive, caring  and passionate about  what they do, etc.etc.
As Computer-based education has become necessary in today's rapidly advancing technological world, educational institutions around the world are equipped by latest models of computers. Refurbished laptops and used computers are also in great demand for the growing needs of IT in education. As the refurbished laptops and used computers are cheap, the school management can easily install them in classrooms. Students can get maximum advantage from cheap, refurbished computers.
The significance of educational technology is emerging fast and is an essential resource utilized by good teachers on daily basis all over the world. They combine the emerging and collaborative forces inherent in technology with sound academic techniques in order to effectively integrate. They are determined to provide an enriched learning experience that is meaningful. Eventually, the result is phenomenal!
Students have developed a love for learning and an excitement to attend school. They now see technology as an essential tool; not a means to an end. Technology can never replace good teachers but they can be replaced by great teachers! They find ways to use technology when needed to challenge, support and enhance the learning needs of all students. "Good teachers are those who know how little they know."
So, which is a better use of money—technology or teachers? How can we best use our resources to support teaching that engages students in authentic learning? These are some of the questions that need to be considered and discussed.
Teachers must continue to strive towards greatness for the benefit of students. Good teachers can translate information, good judgements, experience and wisdom into the minds of students. Change is the only way to prepare our students for success in the 21st century.


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