Tips for Using the Lexmark C792 Printer

The Lexmark C792 series is one of the newest families of colour printers announced early 2011. These new printers aim to deliver great colour quality by utilising the laser technology and fast speeds by offering two-sided printing support. It can hold thousands of sheets while printed paper can head to any of the different output options. It even has a few functions that allow printing on media specifically for outdoor usage. Whether you have used a Lexmark printer or not, the learning curve is not really that difficult and these tips can help you make the most out of your printer once you finally get one.

Practice Using the Touchscreen Interface

The Lexmark C792 features a 4.3-inch touchscreen display where you can actually perform some printing operations without connecting the printer to a computer. The Direct USB feature accepts various files like
documents and images in the USB flash drive. Printing is as easy as plugging it in the printer's USB port and navigating through the touchscreen interface for immediate printing. Getting used to this feature early can let you work faster.

Getting to Know the Drivers and Software

Lexmark has their own support site where you can download the latest drivers for your C792 printer. It is best to acquire them there even if you have CD drivers because a newer version might be available that may contain bug fixes or brand new features. It is also recommended to use this software even if your operating system automatically detects the drivers when you plug the printer in. With these drivers, you can better monitor your printer using software like Status Messenger which highlights any problems that arise in the notification area. Setting up the printer will be much easier using the Printer Setup Utility while the IP Setup Utility helps in the network setup. You can then save these drivers settings using the Drive Profiler Management Tool so future installations are faster.

The Screen Fonts feature makes sure that you see the exact fonts that you will see on paper. You can also accurately check the toner levels through the Status Monitor Centre which also doubles as a price to look for additional supplies online.

Expanding the Capacity and Capabilities

The C792 comes in various sizes but all of them are expandable so you can hold more paper. Even the smallest Lexmark C792e features expandable input where the capacity can be increased to hold up 3,200 sheets. Use Lexmark's official support website for reference to see which trays and add-ons you can purchase so you can be more productive. Don't forget too that you can choose four output options such as an offset stacker or five-bin mailbox.

Using the Eco-Mode

The Eco-Mode is a unique feature that minimises both toner and paper usage. Configure these settings using the touchscreen control panel and find the right balance where the print quality is still fine for certain tasks. Continuously relying on this feature means more paper saved and lower overall energy consumption. Your toner cartridge should last longer as well. There is also lone button with a yellow moon icon which represents the Sleep mode which can also help save energy while the device isn't used.


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