Why Choose a Mono Laser Printer?

When you buy a piece of computer hardware, you will need to think of the features that you will make use of so you won't find yourself upgrading to a newer device any time soon. In fact, one strategy is to simply get a more expensive piece of equipment that can do so much more. As long as the basic features are present, the device remains useful. But when it comes to printers, getting basic models can give you a few advantages. Take the mono laser printers for an example because they have been around for a long time so they do often do not get talked about in advertisements and the like. Mono laser printers are still useful in this age of colour and quality prints. These four qualities can serve as reasons why you should consider a mono laser printer
rather than a high-end colour model that can do so much more.


These types of printers can be purchased for as low £50 with some affordable ones like the Samsung ML-1655 even getting a positive reception from many customers. The more expensive ones peak at around £120 where they would have extra features like wireless support. Budget colour printers start at around £60 and not all of them do a splendid job which is why these printers can save you quite a bit.


Some of these printers are clearly faster than others but the speedy ones are more expensive as well. But even if you take out the budget printers and give them a test run, you will notice that these types of printers are generally fast. They rely on toner cartridges and laser printing technologies to achieve speeds that far surpass the inkjet models. Inkjet models are definitely much cheaper but when it comes to all that time saved, mono laser printers may actually save money.


The reason why many of these printers perform so well is because of their limited functions. They are inexpensive because they are dedicated to a few tasks. The primary task is nothing more than just printing out pages of various sizes at quick speeds. Manufacturers do not have to concentrate on any other fancy features which are why the laser performance gets the big chunk of the attention. Just take note that there are still various other factors that affect the overall quality of the mono laser printer. For instance, mono laser printers with good designs can be more compact and less prone to annoyances like paper jams.


The best mono laser printers are quite small and should not require much maintenance and since printing monochrome documents are far more common than coloured documents in most occasions, these printers are put to good use. It always helps to keep the printer and toner cartridge active to prolong its lifespan. When the toner cartridge is depleted, it can be replaced with a new one which should not be that expensive considering the thousands of pages that can print. Plus there is no worrying about the ink drying up.

These types of printers are for general printing and are inexpensive. Once your needs expands, you can always get a dedicated colour printer or a multifunction printer. No matter what class of printer you decide to get, the mono laser printer will still have its uses.


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