What Are the Benefits of Using a Colour Multifunction Printer?

These type of printers are perfect for the office because they can do all sorts of document operations to keep the business productive. Although these printers are capable of doing more things than dedicated external computer hardware, the exact features vary depending on the brand and model that you get. You still have the option to go for a low-cost multifunction printer or something that costs a bit more so you really won't need any other devices attached to your network. Many of these types of printers use black ink while the laser printers simply print in black much faster. But once you encounter an image or document that needs colour printing, you need to send that to the dedicated colour printer and that can take a few steps if your network is not connected.

This is just one of the situations where a colour one helps. These types of printers are not as common since
they cost a bit more but they have other advantages as well.

More Features in a Compact Package

Just like an ordinary multifunction printer, you still get all of those nice printing, scanning, and copying features in a compact device. Most multifunction printers look large and bulky but compared to individual devices next to each other, the colour multifunction printer is smaller. Another good aspect is that colour multifunction printers usually do not sacrifice in other features. You can still print in black when necessary and the printing speeds of good models are exceptional. If the multifunction printer is advertised to print good quality photos, you should be able to disregard your existing photo printer to save even more space.

Easier to Setup and Operate

Once you open the box of your newly purchased multifunction printer, you will quickly realise that you only have one big unit to deal with in terms of setting things up. It only takes one power cable to get the hardware up and running and only a single USB cable so you can tell the printer to perform some operations. Many multifunction printers also have networking capabilities making it easier to integrate the printer to the business. Remember that once properly set up, everyone in the network can take advantage of all the printer's features. The setup is not as messy since individual scanners and coloured printers no longer need to be shared in the network.

Other colour multifunction printers have built-in touchscreen display panels to allow easier operation even if no connected computers are turned on. With the colour capabilities, you may be able to do advanced operations such as photocopying a coloured document or photograph so the printer can print out the photo using the most accurate colours possible. Once you properly set up the device, you won't have to worry about any other serious configurations.

Colour multifunction printers do cost more and may even cost more than the dedicated colour printers that output better quality printouts or have expanded printing options. But if you are after simple coloured printing functionality and want all of the other scanning, faxing, and copying features within reach, a colour multifunction printer will serve you better in the long run. Unless your business is a design studio or something related to graphics or professional photography, you won't really need top image quality features but faster overall productivity which many of these types of printers possess.


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