Samsung SCX 4833FD Multifunction Review

Just about all businesses deal with photos and documents so it is a must to have printers, copiers, and scanners available for employees to use. However, setting up these devices individually takes time and they also take up a lot of desk space. You will also have to power on each of the components individually if you want to perform multiple tasks such as printing right after scanning in order to make copies. By getting a multifunction printer, you can all the common tasks you need in a single piece of equipment. This also means that multifunction printer will only consume one power socket and one USB port on the computer. The only thing that needs to be dealt with is the usability. Some multifunction printers can be confusing to use while others are too basic which may not be enough to replace individual components. The Samsung SCX-4833FD
multifunction printer aims to deliver performance without being complicated.
Multifunction Features
The Samsung SCX-4833FD has all of the ingredients to make this a complete multifunction printer. It can perform the standard printing and scanning operations along with quick copying and PC faxing. Since this is not a very compact model, it also serves as a paper handler being capable of holding 250 sheets in its cassette. It also has a multipurpose tray that can hold 50 pages. There is also room for a 520-page cassette to really minimise the paper refills.
The SCX-4833FD is powered by a Samsung 360 MHz processor with 128 MB RAM. This allows the speed of the laser printer to reach around 30 pages per minute when using A4 paper. The memory can optionally be expanded to up to 384 MB to increase the multitasking capabilities. There are several printing options that you can try if you prefer faster operations or better print quality. The ECO button is the most useful feature because it applies multiple print settings to ensure that the toner cartridge lasts longer while saving some electricity at the same time. It even saves some paper by making sure two pages are reduced to fit on one piece of paper. There is a Result Simulator feature that shows exactly how much electricity, CO2, paper you are saving which is good for business tracking purposes. It also supports two types of toner cartridges where you can go for the standard quality toner that can print around 2,000 pages or the 5,000 page version which is more cost-effective.
The scanning features are TWAIN and WIA compatible and they use the Colour CIS method for scanning. It supports an enhanced resolution of 4800 x 4800dpi and can output to the connected computer or USB memory. Faxing capabilities are pretty standard with a 33.6 kbps modem speed and support for various resolutions. It also has a speed dial feature which can store up to 200 locations.
Extra Features
The Samsung SCX-4833FD is reliable network printer so all computers have equal access once the printer is hooked up via Ethernet. In addition to the 11 status indicators that help people troubleshoot issues, the CounThru 2 Pro interface shows useful warnings such as low toner levels right on your computer's display. The SyncThru features also allow printer administration directly through the browser.
With its decent printing speeds and various eco-friendly options, the Samsung SCX-4833FD mainly excels in the printing side and while the scanner features are basic, it still makes a nice speedy copying machine.


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