What exactly is a mini computer ?

Minicomputers has become this year's trend. Everyone seems to want to have such a tiny laptop, and it is usually so low that there is little investment. But what exactly is a mini computer?
minidator.jpgThe trend of mini-computers began with the Asus launched its Eee PC 700. It was a tiny laptop that cost over 3000 dollars. Asus had thought that the computer was for younger users, school children, for example, but it turned out to be a much larger audience. Soon it was a success, and Asus tagged on with an increasing number of different models of Eee PC series. Other computer manufacturers were quick to give out the mini-computers.
Minicomputers known in English netbooks, And the name refers to that there is a Notebook (laptop, Laptop computer) that is designed to run Internet applications. It is precisely here that many consider wrong. A minicomputer can not replace your regular computer. It is not you supposed to run Microsoft Office or
Photoshop on a minicomputer. In fact, it barely goes, because of poor performance.

The purpose of the computer is to be a complement to an ordinary computer. Mini Computer, you can easily take anywhere, and you use it for browsing. Sure, the computers used by Windows (Primarily XP) so there is nothing stopping you from installing common applications for photo editing or watching movies, but it's rare performance can do it very well.
Mini computers have a screen in between 7-12 inches. Today is the 10-inch models that apply. During the 10-inch screen is too small, and it appeared that consumers were not interested in mini-computers with screens larger than 10 inches, so many computer manufacturers have chosen to stop producing such models. The larger the screen, the greater the computer, and then disappear a little point of order to bring it everywhere.
The specifications are similar for all mini computers. A processor of type Intel Atom at 1.6 GHz, 1 GB of internal memory and a hard disk of 120-160 GB. There is no optical drive is not, but if you want a DVD burner you can buy an external that which can be connected via USB. Normally there are three USB ports, VGA port for connecting an external monitor (which is quite meaningless because mini-computers video card can not handle the resolution), and often a memory card reader (as a rule of SD card). Wireless NIC there always.
I personally am a big fan of mini-computers. I have one Asus Eee PC 901 Go, Which I use when I'm on the road. It is extremely convenient because it has built 3G modem. I have a subscription for the mobile Internet, so it is enough to open your computer and then start the connection to access the Internet, wherever I am. Because the computer is not so much bigger than an ordinary book, it is perfectly fine to take it anywhere. And when Apple Macbook Pro battery life is 6-7 hours, I can manage my time.
I can highly recommend a mini-computer if you want a small PC that you can surf on. Whether you want to have it with you in your bag wherever you go, or if you just want the front of the TV But try your computer in a store before buying it. Keyboard, mouse and screen varies a lot, so it's not worth taking chances and buy a pig in cochlea.


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