HP Mini 311, a mini computer with good graphics card

hp-mini-311.jpgHP's new Mini PC 311 make an attempt to allow for gaming and watching movies in HD, by building up a real video card. Instead of the usual Intel chips are using the computer Nvidia Ion processor.
A minicomputer are not particularly good performance, and its main purpose is to run Internet applications. But many consumers looking to do more with their mini-computers. Watching movies is such a popular application that does not always work perfectly with the usual graphics chips from Intel. By using Nvidia Ion Processor for graphics hope HP Mini 311 become an option.

HP Mini 311 is the source said TechRadar able to handle Call of Duty 4, which is a really good rating. In
addition, the computer should play the movie in full HD quality. Mini 311 is equipped with HDMI connector that in addition to Full HD graphics also performs audio in 8 channels and 24 bits.
LCD screen measuring 11.6 inches and handles 1366 x 768 pixels (widescreen). Some further specification does not seem official, in addition to the computer that TechRadar saw had 3 GB of internal memory.
Nvidia Ion is great for the mini-computer and gives them far better graphics performance. Crete are small and power efficient, so they do not drag down battery life considerably. We'll have to wait for tests to see how long the HP Mini 311 will run Full HD movies or games on the battery. The price tag is, converted from British pounds, just over 4000 SEK.
Another mini-computer with extra cream, is Acer Ferrari One, Which we wrote about the other day.


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