Why Would You Choose Windows Over Linux?

Are you wondering which operating system to install - Windows or Linux? Well, you might have heard that Linux is much safer, secure, and reliable operating system and it is better option than Windows, it would be better to go through this article. Here we will show you why still Windows is a better choice than Linux.

The first thing that you will notice with Windows is that it is very easy installing programs is very easy. You can install or change something on your own computer at ease. On the contrary, if you would like to install any software in Linux it will require an entire weekend. You may consult a computer repair company for operating system support.

In terms of productivity, Windows XP is the best choice. The operating system is stable, fast and it supports
every hardware device. You can run the best games as well as can work excellently with broadband or other Internet connections with Windows OS. There are some outstanding applications that make XP the choice for most businesses. This includes Office Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, Project, Visio, AutoCAD, etc.

Windows XP is considered as more powerful application and lower end-user support costs. Besides, Windows has better hardware support for both desktops and servers. Linux operating system is more popular to support more hardware than Windows. But the problem is that the drivers are usually reverse-engineered. On the other hand, since Windows is the most popular and universal OS, all the hardware manufacturer releases its drivers for Windows operating system.

Windows doesn't carry the GPL penalty and due to this reason, manufacturers are not bound to share their intellectual property with others. Windows DNS is regarded as the best internal DNS server for hosting your internal (non-internet facing) DNS.

When it comes to the support for the drivers, Windows operating system stays much ahead than Linux. There are drivers for 64-bit Windows OS, but Unix and Linux still have the issues regarding drivers. You will find that 32-bit Linux supports more hardware than the 64-bit one. The same problems occurred when we changed from 16-bit to 32-bit in the mid-90s. Vendor support is very important for enjoying smooth computing.

There are plenty of other reasons for which Windows stand on better position than Linux. But whenever you are choosing operating system for your computer, you should act based on your requirements. If you want to surf internet and most of your tasks are internet related it is better to use Linux while if you want to perform other tasks like doing something on MS Office then Windows is the best choice.


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