Canon PIXMA MG6120Canon PIXMA MG6120

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Incredible 8.5/11" borderless glossy prints, March 26, 2011
By Marcad (Scottsdale, AZ United States)
Canon Pixma MG6120I'm blown away,Canon PIXMA MG6120 this thing is turning out are incredible. I'm surprised to be happy with the software too.

I haven't timed the 8.5/11 glossy printing speed but it's very fast, certainly under a minute.

I'm also very happy it has the black pigment cartridge since I like my docs laser-like on plain paper. And auto-duplex! What else can I say, gush gush, excellent printer.

I guess I'll find out soon enough how much it's going to burn my budget ink cartridges, but at this point the prints are so good that I'm not that concerned.
Simply Amazing, November 19, 2010
By iMe (CO,USA) - Canon has done such an amazing job with this printer, not only performance wise, but also on quality, design and ease of use. I used to own a Canon MP500, but later needed a wireless printer. I was recommended to get an HP because of their good reputation, larger ink cartridges, and lower cost to maintain - which to an extent was true, ink on the HP lasted me about 6-months compered to the MP500's 3-4 months, and the HP ink also cost less. In reality, who cares how much the ink cost, when the HP was the noisiest thing in my office, slower than snail-mail (exaggerating), and it printed the most horrible images and documents. ...or maybe it was just me since I had already experienced what Canon was capable of.

I am really happy I purchased the Canon MG6120. Within the last month, I've purchased a MacBook Air, iMac, Time Capsule and HP Media Server, and all I can say is that I really don't care about those gadgets, I'm simply super excited about my printer purchase - it is by far the best printer I have ever used - it't print quality is on par with the thousand dollar printers my company purchases for media services.

Installation was a breeze, it's just a matter of unpacking the printer, removing all the wrap on it, aligning the print heads, and using it's cool mini LCD to input my wireless network info. Once that's done, simply insert the driver CD into the computer and follow the on-screen instructions (pretty much just click "next" over and over after telling it it's a wireless setup. The only thing that I found a bit annoying was that I had to install using the CD on all 3 of my computers, where on the HP I just had to install one one computer, and after than all the other computers could find it on the network. I might be missing something, so it might be my fault and not Canon's - I'm no network expert. I have been able to get Canon app to work from the iPad; it's only good for pictures though.

Those of you needing high print quality will not be one bit disappointed with this printer. The scanner also works really well, I've already used it to send scans to my computer, and to make photo copies. After creating a photocopy, several people had issues trying to determine which was the original document, which did have an actual pen-written signature.


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