China's high-level Energy Agency, not the first time set up

Chinese Government Network 27 "issued by the State Council on the establishment of the National Energy Laptop Battery Commission on notice" that the energy strategy to enhance decision-making and co-ordination, the State Council decided to set up the National Energy Commission. This is currently the highest standard in China's energy sector.
It is understood that the establishment of the National Energy Commission as a director of the State Council Premier Wen Jiabao, Vice Premier Li Keqiang as deputy director.
The National Energy Committee members total 21 people, including the State Council Deputy Secretary-General You Quan, Zhu Zhixin, director of the Central Finance Office, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Director of the National Development and Reform Commission Zhang equality, are from the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, engineering letter Department, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Land Resources, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Water Resources, State Electricity Regulatory Commission and other relevant ministries and commissions responsible person.
"China's high-level Energy Agency, not the first time set up, but this time the establishment of the National Energy Commission can not compare the significance and role, it is worth looking forward to." China's energy strategy of China University of Petroleum Research Center, Executive Director of the Wang told reporters.
Since reform and opening, China's energy management system has undergone many major reforms. Founded in 1980, the National Energy Commission, dell Inspiron 4100 battery but shall withdraw two years later. In 1988 the formation of the Department of Energy, 1993, abolished more than a decade since China does not have a unified energy management.
To strengthen the energy sector management, and change the bull management, decentralized management, coordination, poor situation, in 2008 to implement the institutional reform of China's State Council decided to set up National Energy Board. At the same time, decided to establish a high-level coordinating body of procedure of the National Energy Commission.
In August 2008, the National Energy Board formally run. As the reform of the State Council in 2008 follow-up, after nearly two years of preparation, China's National Energy Committee, a higher level of energy coordinating body has finally formally established procedure.
According to China's National Energy Commission's main functions are: dell Inspiron 2500 battery to study the formulation of national energy development strategy, to consider energy security and energy development in the major issues, coordinate domestic energy development and energy on important matters of international cooperation.
"The establishment of the National Energy Board, so that China's energy industry has a clear authority. But more than a year to run situation, as a vice-ministerial level agencies in the co-ordination of major issues of energy, the National Energy Board do have some powerless . "Wang analyzed. Dell PA-12 Adapter dell Inspiron 1520 Adapter
As early as 2008, the State Council, institutional reform, the industry is set up a "Department of Energy," the voice of high, but are subject to various factors, but the voice does not become a reality. At present, China's energy-related management functions are still scattered in the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, State Electricity Regulatory Commission, Ministry of Land Resources and other sectors.
With China's rapid economic development, energy security of supply is increasingly becoming an important strategic issue. In recent years, electric power, dell Latitude CPX battery coal, refined oil, natural gas supply issues from time to time, energy and the pace of reform has been slow.
At the same time, the increasingly severe pressure on global warming, but also the development and use of energy pose a major challenge. On the eve of the Copenhagen conference, the Chinese government announced a new action to control greenhouse gas emissions targets. Corresponding, China has proposed non-fossil energy sources by 2020, accounting for the proportion of primary energy consumption, about 15%.
"Energy issues in a strategic position, determines the need for China to set up a high-energy sector. While the new situation, the State Energy Commission of the leadership, execution and set higher requirements." China's Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission JIANG Xin-min, said experts. dell Latitude C600 battery
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Although the previous charging stations dell 75UYF battery in Shanghai have begun to explore, Shanghai has hybrid buses for every one kilometer drive only consumes 1.2 degrees, according to calculations at night at half price each day, about 200 km mileage meter, the energy expenditure of less than a day hundred dollars, far less than the ordinary buses run on diesel energy costs.
But this is only an ideal state of energy expenditure, according to an authoritative source close to the power system, due to battery problems with consistency, dell 5081P battery the actual operation of electric vehicles has not yet reached the approved mileage mileage.
Grid layout of the two charging stations in a time when some domestic automotive and battery businesses have begun the layout of a complete lithium battery industry chain: BYD world's first commercial launch of a plug-in hybrid vehicles F3DM, Tianjin power of God will be with the U.S. electric vehicle Myers co-production power battery manufacturers. China Putian and CNOOC over the next three years in Shanghai, have each invested 5.0 billion, the development of power batteries as the core of new energy industries, in July last year, CNOOC also to Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. invested 50 billion yuan ( 732 million U.S. dollars), construction of new plant in Tianjin, a 20 battery production lines. Dell 1K500 battery


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