Cutting Down on Media Waste

When computers first became ubiquitous in offices, people treated CDs with a great deal of respect. Today, they have become familiar enough that employees routinely lose, scratch or otherwise damage them, making them useless and requiring you to purchase the same CD twice. Of course, this can sometimes become a very expensive proposition. Even if you don't need to purchase an entirely new software package to get a new CD, you may have to order a replacement from the company that produces the software, a service that is seldom free.
The DVD tower is a device that allows you to cut down on the amount of CDs that you lose. While these devices do contain a great many different DVD drives and are capable of producing a great deal of media in a short amount of time, there is still a better way that you can use the CD server to cut down on the amount of money your company spends on media. These devices are also capable of data archiving, which allows you to use the CD DVD storage server as a form of network attached storage.
On the hard drive of the DVD server, images are created of the CDs that you choose to copy to it. The computers regard the images of these DVDs exactly as they would the physical CDs themselves. This means that, if the CD is required to be physically placed in the machine to upgrade a subscription or to install a piece of software, CD DVD loaders can satisfy that requirement without actually requiring the client machine to have the DVD physically in its drive. This can make it much faster to install and upgrade subscriptions and, of course, there is no risk of the original CDs being damaged.
Having this information attached to an NAS device also provides a layer of data security. Because the information is contained on the DVD server, there is always a copy available and there's no reason to worry about suddenly being without a necessary piece of software or whatever other information was contained on the CD. Instead of handing out CDs to each individual one at a time or having employees wait while one particular CD makes the rounds around the office, providing them with access to a CD DVD storage server allows them to instantly access any information they may need without there being any risk of destroying a piece of optical media on which it is stored.


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