Enhance Your Computer's Life With Proper Maintenance

Whether you are using a desktop or a laptop, the device is not only very important for your day-to-day operations but it is also a hefty investment. Lack of proper maintenance can reduce the life of your PC whereas if you follow proper maintenance task on a regular basis it will help your PC to last longer. You can perform the maintenance task on your own or else you can employ a computer repair company for this purpose. You will find essential computer maintenance tips.

To shut down the computer don't switch off the power button. It is a must to shut down the PC through the Shut Down menu provided with the OS. While you are in a hurry you switch off the main power source of the computer to turn off the PC. Note that it can do serious damage to your PC components. The hard drive can get crashed, so as the motherboard.

To prolong the life of your PC you should run a Scan Disk and a Disk Defragmenter on your computer. This should be done on a regular basis. Running these tools is very simple and this is the simplest way to maintain your PC. After defragmentation, all wasted space on your PC will be freed up and this eventually boosts up the performance of your computer.

You may have noticed that sometimes your PC takes more time than usual to start up. This happens due to unwanted startup programs. From Run dialog box access System Configuration Utility by typing msconfig and then uncheck the programs that you don't need during Windows start-up.

If you are using the internet, there should be an antivirus program on your PC. Update the program regularly and don't forget to run the antivirus scan. Installing firewalls are also very important. We all know that ‘prevention is better than cure.' And firewall is the prevention in this regard. This blocks unauthorized access to your PC.

Like anti-virus and anti-spyware program you should also install anti-spyware programs. Spyware is a malware that stays in your computer and monitors your web activities and then relay private and sensitive data to the host server. A spyware can be responsible for identity theft. Various good anti-spyware programs are available in the market. You can install any of them and enjoy secure computing.

The hard drive of your computer stores all your important data as well as the programs and operating system. Note that there should enough amount of free space. Otherwise your PC will run slowly and even it can also come to a standstill condition. Remove temp files and other unnecessary files.

Follow these aforementioned PC maintenance tips and enjoy smooth computing


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