GBSG 3D glasses create a wonderful stereo life

TV set has been invented more than 100 years. From the original fax images to black and white TV and then to color TV, LCD TV; the emergence of a new technology demonstrates advances in science and technology, and the emergence of 3D TV will bring us a three-dimensional world which is totally different from the two-dimensional world. And you just need a pair of polarized 3D glasses to have a visual feast.
In the future people will be able to watch 3D TV programs at home. Consumers can enjoy fine movies just wearing a pair of special Anaglyph Glasses! Celebrated IT company GBSG Technology has been dedicated to the home entertainment, video conversion product development and promotion. The company recently introduced
a new GBSG03 3D Glasses, which is increasingly popular for 3D TV.
There is no such difference between GBSG03 and sunglasses, and the size and appearance are unbelievable same for both. You can see the magic 3D screens by GBSG03 3D Glasses. In the appearance, GBSG03 adhers to the essence design of GBSG Technology. The surface are refined with black piano paint, bright color, strong texture to reflect the simple and fashion sense, very fit for people's pursuit for vogue and new things. Now they are sold like hot cakes in the shopping mall. Welcome to wholesale 3D glasses from China.
GBSG03 design principles are active shutter 3D glasses which are the best 3D glasses, and it can achieve a clear definition so that the screen brightness structured, three-dimensional effect of outstanding performance. GBSG03 lens use blue ink glasses to show the calm wisdom of life, looking very noble, profound. On the left foot mirror glasses are a power button, off button and status light, very convenient to use.
GBSG glasses are not only well received in China but also other foreign countries and regions like America, Europe, Austrilia and so on as the products they manufacture are high quality and durable in use. Simultaneously they are good in appearance. GBSG Technology is rewarded their customers to celebrate New Year. It is a piece of good new for buyers who want to wholesale 3D glasses China.


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