HP RDX Cartridge is an Innovative And High Speed Backup Solution

Looking for a low-cost, dependable and user-friendly backup solution for servers, SMBs and workstations? Well you can count on the RDX removable disk cartridge technology. It is a rugged and affordable backup solution that provides the advantageous features of hard disk media and tape storage format as well. Backup storage and retrieval processes are extremely economical with RDX cartridge backup solution. 

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is a prime innovator and global backup media giant. HP delivers the widest range of storage media technologies. HP RDX cartridge solution is the top choice of SMB customers.  By any measure, the HP RDX technology delivers the superior performance, extensible platform, higher capacity and durability to
meet the most demanding storage needs.

HP RDX cartridges are available with a variety of recording capacities. These cartridges are available with media capacity of 160, 320, 500 and 750GB. The highest capacity offering of HP RDX cartridge is 1 Terabyte.  RDX technology provides random file access along with drag-and-drop functionality, which facilitates the customers to restore the vital data files within seconds.  In addition, you can efficiently perform backup operations at a remarkable speed of 108GB/hr.

Great news is that the HP RDX docking stations not only support the current RDX cartridge, but also provide forward compatibility with the future generations of RDX disk cartridges.  Therefore, the customers can confidently invest in HP RDX technology and be assured of investment protection.  Multi-generational capability of HP RDX format further adds to its compelling and cost-saving attributes. HP docking station offers USB plug-and-play connectivity. The customers can easily connect it with the host system as an internal unit or externally as a table-top.  As you insert the RDX cartridge, the host system assigns it a letter drive. 

For small & medium businesses, the IT managers can also count on DDS-DAT tape, LTO 3 ultrium tape, AIT-5 tape, Travan tape, VXA tape, LTO-2 tape, SDLT tape, SLR tape, AIT-4 tape and LTO-1 tape formats. These foremost tape-based solutions have a significant market share.

HP RDX cartridges are carefully engineered for long usage life, and greater resistance against mechanical shocks and rough handlings. Therefore, the HP RDX cartridges can be securely taken to remote locations to help ensure complete data protection. Working life of these robust HP RDX cartridges is more than 5000 load-unload insertions, and that of HP docking station is 10,000 load-unload cycles. 

Part numbers of HP RDX disk cartridges are:

HP RDX 1 TB cartridge,      Q2044A
HP RDX 750 GB cartridge, Q2043A
HP RDX 500 GB cartridge, Q2042A
HP RDX 320 GB cartridge, Q2041A
HP RDX 160 GB cartridge, Q2040A

HP RDX solution performs excellently with the market leading operating systems and a broad range of servers. HP RDX solution's up-gradation cost is reduced by the fact the HP docking stations have the ability to read/write all the current and future version of RDX disk cartridges.  When the next version of HP RDX cartridge will be released, the users will not have to buy a new docking station. That means the customers will have to make one-time investment for RDX docking station. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.


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