He waterproof keyboard and keyboard are designed for traditional single-track straight sliding keyboard

Since the keyboard fear water, then naturally there should be solution, because the structure of the keyboard can not be changed, printed circuit film and the conductive rubber contacts need to work closely, completely sealed, or real water is very difficult. The current design of waterproof keyboard, there are usually two, one is based BenQ BenQ 52M, hardware, water + drainage holes designed to ease the double insurance, which is waterproof keyboard BenQ BenQ 52M waterproof patent, by improving the internal structure of the keyboard, the circuit board under the two films, to better prevent water from entering, while the rubber button on the edge of an increase flume with drainage holes, so even accidentally into the liquid will not damage components, but the cost of the higher; other BenQ BenQ P100 coast is to the keyboard-based, pure drainage design, the use of a large number of drainage holes in the high permeability of water in the layer has not yet returned to the keyboard to be completely discharged. Of course, we are talking about water, just for the water, some water users in order to verify the keyboard, and even the entire keyboard soaked in water. Diving is not waterproof keyboard keyboard, this and waterproof watch, diving watch is the same difference.
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BenQ BenQ 52M waterproof keyboard style to divert drainage holes

BenQ BenQ P100 Coast Transparent Waterproof Keyboard

We said above, the waterproof keyboard and keyboard are designed for traditional single-track straight sliding keyboard, that is, we usually say that the structure of the crater traditional keyboard, the architecture in the water has a good advantage, because Cap have a certain height, as long as the efflux of water in time to be able to play a simple waterproof, waterproof keyboard for normal keycap usually increase the height of reflux to prevent water droplets achieved. 52M waterproof keyboard specially designed drop even a small amount of reflux will not damage the keyboard.

Currently, BenQ BenQ introduced a new X-keyboard, this architecture and traditional keyboard is no different in principle, the same is the use of capacitive coupling works, their biggest difference is the way keycap movement, one is sliding friction, One is the bearing exercise, it is clear that X architecture work done more easily and more scientific. Bring the keycaps without resistance column, brought a better keyboard feel and slimmer appearance, but because of the keyboard structure is more transparent in terms of more careful use of water.
Completely changed the structure of the keycap, X structure relative to the traditional keyboard, the keyboard is more transparent, if the keyboard water, without the keycap column block, directly into the keyboard, causing the keyboard short-circuit. Directly in the keyboard as conductive rubber top, and direct contact with the circuit film, the traditional method of waterproofing has been mentioned earlier, is basically using the speed + the timely diversion of water seepage mitigation achieved, the permeability of the X architecture, the keyboard once water, lost the keycap column buffer, the water will seep directly into the circuit layer, causing a short circuit, and then burned the keyboard control chip, the traditional design has not waterproof keyboard for X architecture. However, after the tireless efforts of BenQ's R & D personnel, X architecture has been the waterproof keyboard was modified, the new version will be available soon.


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