It is impossible to completely avoid the keyboard problem of pollution particles

Maintenance of computer keyboard focus Caution (2)
Smoking not only harmful to human health

If a large number of ash fall to the inside of the keyboard keycap would touch on the keys of the great impact. Also the tar in tobacco thin film on the internal keyboard also has a strong corrosive effect, long-term in the corrosive environment, but also make the keyboard feel down, and the film caused irreversible damage.laptop keyboard lcd screen

The impact of eating more food is self-evident, food debris particles are larger, more likely to make keys stuck, the other must take care not to drink spread to the keyboard surface. If we sprinkle water on the keyboard, you should immediately turn the computer off, then unplug the keyboard, without conditions, the keyboard apart, we should be the keyboard upside down, forced to empty the water, then dry the keyboard to ensure that completely dry inside and then to the computer after the trial, under normal circumstances, can return to normal.

However, if a cola drink is too much trouble, in addition to water, sugar drinks will leave the board in the keyboard sticky layer of film, so that a short circuit may lead to the keyboard so that keys complete failure, and is not recoverable The. So even if we bought a waterproof keyboard, we also need to pay attention to these issues.

Maintenance of computer keyboard focus Caution (2)
dell 0p446j keyboard hp Pavilion DV6000 keyboard
Conditions permit, as far as possible demolition clean up

No matter how we pay attention, it is impossible to completely avoid the problem of pollution particles, therefore, regular cleaning of the keyboard is necessary. The simplest cleaning method, the keyboard upside down, tap the keyboard on the back of his hand, will see the keyboard in many small impurities will fall out. If we are able to do so, it is recommended to disassemble the keyboard, wipe with a damp cloth and shell buttons, and the circuit board with a dry cloth should be, here with particular attention to, do not use alcohol, it is also possible corrosion of the circuit board. How to maintain notebook keyboard

If the desktop keyboard can be removed clean, fairly easy, then how should the notebook keyboard to do that? In fact, the maintenance of laptop keyboard should be more important than cleaning.

Maintenance of computer keyboard focus Caution (3)
Laptop keyboard structure is relatively complex
V072078AS1 keyboard sony 148024421 keyboard
Laptop keyboard structure is relatively complex, and that each of the keycaps can be independently key demolished, but the difficulty of clean-up is relatively increased, and the ultra-thin notebook keyboard design is generally used "X" structure, although feel better, but the keyboard "anti-strike" capability has declined.


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