How To Fix Cyclic Redundancy Error

You are trying to copy a movie from a DVD to your computer hard drive, and after copying for some time, the system displays the 'cyclic redundancy error' and abort the task. You might be thinking how to fix the issue. Whether to call up a remote PC repair company or try some other things to accomplish the task. Well, this is a very common problem that the computer users comes across at the time of copying data from any external storage device like a DVD to the computer hard drive. Explore this article and learn what does a cyclic redundancy error mean and how you can resolve the issue.

Before talking about solution, let's understand what is cyclic redundancy error exactly is and why does it arise. Computer runs a cyclic redundancy check to confirm the integrity of data that are being transferred from one data storage device to another. The problem is also known as 'polynomial check sum method'. The cyclic redundancy check algorithm is basically digital data verification during transfer.

Whenever you start copying data from one destination to the other, the system creates a cyclic redundancy code and a small bit of information is also transferred with the data. With reception of each piece of data, the code calculates the sequence of attached bits. If the code is same to the one that is generated at the source destination then there will be no problem in copying data. But if the code is not same as the source code, it leads to a cyclic redundancy error.

A cyclic redundancy error in hard drive could crop up due to many reasons. If there are bad sectors in the region where the data was stored you may face cyclic redundancy error. If the data are corrupted then too a cyclic redundancy error in DVD may arise.

Wondering what is the solution of Cyclic Redundancy Error? To fix the errors you need to diagnose the error first. There should be problem at the source or at the destination. To check whether the destination on your Windows machine is ok or not you need to go to command prompt on your Windows PC and type in C:\>CD (Location of File) and C:\(Location of File Folder)>copy (Name of File) NUL.

By using the above mentioned command you can copy whatever data that has been left uncorrupted. Besides, you can also run a scandisk function (to check for bad sectors) to fix cyclic redundancy check errors. You can also use a good data recovery software application to perform this task. There is no dearth of such programs in the market.


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