Industrial Computers are Long-lasting and Rugged

Industrial computers are long-lasting and rugged. These high-energy and high-capacity machines are providing maximum operations in the most challenging working editions. The top line technology provided is used both indoors and outdoors in multiple fields. Learn more about this exceptional product.
Industrial computers are known for their high-efficiency and high productivity in the most intense work conditions. This technology is designed to withstand the most intense environmental challenges including extreme heat, vibration, boiling water, dust, high-pressure water, moisture, and more. Both the internal and external design is manufactured to endure these conditions without faltering, losing data, hesitating, or breaking down. This powerful unit is used for medical applications, industrial automation, the food industry, and more. This is the perfect unit for those looking for a system that can withstand the harshest of environmental conditions and work environments without hesitation. This powerful unit is being used in multiple industries. The slim size allows it to fit into pre-existing cabinetry. The designers of this high-quality technology have considered every option. Excellence is achieved through quality and reliability. Learn more about the options available in this unique equipment.
Each industrial panel PC is a ruggedized computer providing maximum productivity. The special design allows each unit to withstand intense temperature changes including hot and cold and boiling water. The external cover is 100% hygienic and can be easily cleaned with the harshest industry grade cleansers as well as with boiling water. This important aspect is especially important in the medical industry, pharmaceutical production, and food production. The units are designed to withstand 1500 psi water pressure. The highest quality is provided for each component of the ruggedized computer. This unit provides industry-leading capabilities in multiple fields. The software used is both reliable and fast. The fanless design gives a thin body with a quiet motor. The touch screen is easy to read and reliable despite vibration, glaring sunlight, and extreme heat, making it optimal for both indoor and outdoor use. The TFT displays along with the touch resistant panels are easy to use even while using heavy industry grade gloves. Data is easily entered in multiple fields including medical, food production and sales, pharmaceutical, and more. The software used is faster than Windows 7 and is above industry standards and excellence and adaptability. All components used are made with the highest grade industry wide.
The ruggedized computers have an internal design that uniquely provides flexibility during extreme conditions preventing the loss of critical data and potential hesitations. The motherboard is designed to move with vibration rather than resist vibration. This ensures protection over important data and work processes.  The internal design allows industrial computers to withstand all extreme conditions. The internal and external designs provide long life and maximum productivity. The external casing is groove free for easy cleaning without joints, hinges, or grooves. This product is being used in multiple industries such as medical applications, industrial automation, digital signage applications, pharmaceutical production, food production and sales, and more. Ports provide external options such as keywords, printers, and ethernet cords. Contact an expert today to find out more about how these high-efficiency machines can be used in your industry. Experience the very best in quality, strength, speed, longevity, and workmanship. Industrial computers provide strength and endurance in the harshest of work conditions


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