KVM Drawer: Ideal Device for Server Rack Environments with Space Constraints

A KVM Drawer constitutes a combination of LCD, PS2 or USB keyboard and a mouse into a single rack mount sliding drawer that fits into 1U or 2U of rack space. Available in many models, they vary depending upon the type of video signals they support and their product specific features. These units can be classified as VGA, DVI, HDMI, Composite RCA, BNC or S-Video drawers and the various model include the SUN KVM, Short depth KVM, Dual Slide KVM and Sunlight Readable KVM Drawers. While the SUN KVM LCD is designed to work with SUN Servers with legacy or USB connectors, the short depth drawer is ideal for applications where rack depth is shallow and rack space is premium.
The Dual slide KVM LCD has two separate slides; one housing the keyboard / mouse and the other housing the LCD and the Sunlight readable drawers are designed to perform in environments where you need to capture data under high brightness environments. These devices are also classified as a PS2 KVM and USB KVM drawer based on the USB or PS2 touchpad or trackball mouse configuration. Otherwise these devices are simply known as a Rackmount KVM drawer. All these models have common features such as easy installation, hot pluggable. It works on plug and play functionality, and has a sturdy metal design with black anodized finish. Equipped with an on screen display menu that controls brightness, contrast, color, Clock, H. Position, V. Position, Phase, Scaling, Auto configuration, Input select, Multi window, Clear EEPROM, OSD adjust and Save, auto scan for monitoring servers at regular intervals, and power options of 12V, 24V, and 48V DC.
In addition to the above mentioned benefits, these devices comes along with FCC, CE and RoHS regulatory approvals. A rugged industrial unit, the KVM Drawer is a perfect solution for SOHO usage and even for large corporates as well as government and military applications. Its tough body frame makes it suitable to work fine in rigid work environments and thus makes it a highly durable and a very useful device. These kvm peripherals come in handy in a lot many military applications as these rackmount kvm drawers are resistant to dirt, dust and even water, moreover these hardware devices are good enough to take some rough working environments. Rackmount kvm drawers even save valuable rack space in tidy server rooms and helps in increasing the space to work around in.


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