Quantum DAT-160 Tape The Industry-Leading Backup Solution

Tight I.T budgets, heightened security concerns, rapidly growing data amounts, shrinking backup windows and competitive business environment have burdened the data administrators. That is why they are clamoring for intelligent, economical and high-speed backup technologies that not only deliver superior performance but also secure their investments.  DDS (digital data storage) tape, also called DAT, is the optimal solution for database applications and small to mid-sized organizations.

Quantum's backup media products, with their superior quality and proven performance record, are ideal for long term data protection.  Quantum DAT-160 tape, the sixth generation of DDS, is well-suited for demanding storage needs in client/server environments, public organizations, small businesses, financial organizations and midrange computing systems.  Quantum DAT-160 is the most functionally-rich backup tape solution.

Quantum DAT160 drives, available in both table-top and internal models, deliver higher throughput speed of 6.9 MB/s (native). Furthermore, these drives are also being offered in 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch form factors, which makes the IT managers' choice extremely flexible. That's not all, the media choice further enhances with SCSI, USB and SAS interfaces. Backup rate of DAT 160 drive reaches up to 50 GB per hour in compressed mode, making it the perfect choice for data-rich environments.  160 GB compressed and 80GB uncompressed information can be retained onto a DAT-160 cartridge.

In addition, the Quantum DAT160 drives are specifically engineered to provide two-generation backward compatibility to help secure the customers' investments.  Fifth generation DAT72 tape and fourth generation DDS-4 cartridges are fully compatible with Quantum DAT 160 drives. The backward compatibility includes write & read operations. Compressed recording capacity of Quantum DAT-72 cartridge is 72 GB and that of DDS-4 tape is 40 GB.  So with Quantum DAT160 drive, you can perform backup operations with three DDS generation, which are:

Quantum DAT 160 tape, MR-D6MQN-01
Quantum DAT-72 tape, CDM72
Quantum DDS 4 tape, CDM40

The robustness of cartridge shell has been increased, which ensures secure transportation of Quantum DAT160 cartridges to remote sites. So you can confidently share large data files and preserve the DAT-160 cartridges off-site. Track density of Quantum DAT-160 tape media has been increased to 6.8 Kb per mm, which enables it to house more amounts of data with supreme reliability. Additionally, the increased robustness of DAT-160 cartridge's recording medium has helped to extend its archival life to 30 years. 

Quantum DAT160 drives clearly stand apart with an unmatched MTBF (mean time between failures) of 125,000 hrs. This exceptional MTBF along with the two-generation backward compatibility provide you the confidence that Quantum DAT160 is the most economical and reliable solution for your burgeoning data amounts.  The cost per GB of Quantum DAT-160 technology is very economical. Good news is that the price of Quantum DAT 160 devices is also very competitive, making it the top choice of budget conscious customers.  Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.


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