Sony AIT-3 SDX3-100 Tape Cartridge The smart choice

Sony engineered a highly economical and space-efficient AIT tape format, which was launched in 1996. AIT (advanced intelligent tape) is a higher capacity tape solution that occupies lesser data-center space. Since the introduction of AIT tape, Sony has always designed & produced all of its own AIT tape cartridges and tape drives.
Sony AITe260/S is a robustly designed AIT-3 external tape drive, which delivers highest reliability and outstanding recording efficiency in its class. Sony AITe260/S drive features SCSI interface, and can backup 100 gigabytes of native data on a SDX3-100 Sony AIT 3 tape. All leading operating systems are supported by Sony AIT-3 SCSI drive including Linux, NetWare, UNIX and Windows NT(digitaldevicesonline).
Sony AIT 3 tape technology has more to offer; the AIT-2 and AIT-1 backup tapes will also work excellently with the Sony AIT-3 SDX3-100 tape drive. The tape drive can perform read/record operations on AIT2 and AIT1 media tapes as well. AME media formulation ensures tape longevity, increases the robustness, and protects the tape medium against humidity and severe temperatures. Sony AIT3 backup cartridge provides up to 30,000 end-to-end tape passes(digitaldevicesonline).

AIT backup tapes should be stored between 15 C to 25 C, with relative humidity of 40% to 60%, so that you can get maximum reliability and superior performance throughout its archival life. The companies have to accommodate continually growing data amounts, while the data retention laws have intensified the challenges of digital record keeping and data manageability. WORM functionality of Sony AIT3 format helps to meet the government regulatory mandates. Sony AIT-3 formats WORM functionality puts a stop to unintentional erasure of record, over-writings and human errors. Sony SDX3-100C AIT-3 is an Advanced  Intelligent Tape 3(AIT-3)  format tape cartridge. It has a tape length  of 230 meters which enables a native data storage capacity of 100GB that can beexpanded up to 200GBwhen compressed.
Other Sony Tapes which are also compatible and efficient  are ..
Sony AIT-3 tapes, SDX3-100C, SDX3-100W, Sony LTO2 ultrium tape, LTX200GWW, Travan TR-5 tape, SLR tapes, DGD150PWW, Sony DAT-320 tape DGDAT320, Sony dlt 4 tape DL4TK88, Sony LTO5 tape LTX1500G(digitaldevicesonline)
The other  products of AIT 3 TAPES are…
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