Sony AIT-4 Tape is a Cost-Efficient Solution for Business Enterprises

Backup storage demands of the 21st organizations continue to skyrocket. Threats that can effect data integrity or completely destroy it are also on the rise. Major threats are software bugs, operating errors, viruses, system hackers, power failures and natural disasters.  Sony invented a space-efficient and highly compact AIT (advanced intelligent tape) format in 1996, which is the leading tape-based technology in midrange and small business industry.

The fourth generation AIT-4 tape technology delivers unprecedented performance and maximizes the shrinking budgets. Backup storage and archival in midrange systems, small businesses, financial institutions, high end workstations, business enterprises and server environments is highly cost-effective with Sony AIT-4 tape solution.  Part number of external Sony AIT-4 drive is AITe520S, and that of AIT-4 internal drive is AITi520S.

Both these drives deliver an excellent throughput speed of 24MB per second (native), and data compression of 2.6:1.  That is why IT manager prefer Sony AIT-4 technology, as it provides higher compression ratio over the 2:1 compression offered by rival tape format.  Storage capacity offered by AIT-4 backup tape in native mode is 200 GB. Its capacity boasts to 520 GB after data compression. 

Sony has introduced WORM technology in AIT4 format to help meet the stringent industry and government regulations. Part number of Sony AIT-4 cartridge with WORM technology is SDX4200WWW, whereas SDX4-200C is an AIT-4 non-WORM cartridge. For greater flexibility and storage value, Sony AIT 4 drives have been designed to provide backward read-compatibility with AIT2 and AIT1 media, along with full write-read compatibility with AIT-3.

Sony manufactures the widest range of tape-based formats. Few of the Sony's popular backup tapes are:

dgd150p,     Sony DDS4 tape
LTX800G,     Sony LTO4 ultrium tape
DGDAT320,     Sony DAT-320 tape
SDX3-100C,     Sony AIT-3 tape
LTX1500G,     Sony LTO5 tape
DGDAT72,     Sony DAT72 tape

Special dust-proof bezels have been embedded in AIT-4 drives to help provides long term protection against airborne pollutants. So you can be assured of excellent performance and reliable backups even in dusty workplaces. In compressed mode, the Sony AIT 4 drives can pack massive data amount of 86.4 GB in an hour.

Sony AIT-4 technology provides faster access and restores than its competing tape media formats, all made possible with a small memory chip that is commonly known as R-MIC (remote memory in cassette). R-MIC is a 64KB chip that has been embedded in AIT 4 tape. Debris can degrade the storage performance and increase the error rate. Thanks to the AME-II (advanced metal evaporated) technology, Sony has significantly increased the durability and smoothness of AIT 4 tape media.

As a result, the Sony AIT 4 tape provides long term reliability and consistent performance even after repeated tape loads/unloads. Introduction of special lubricants have helped to reduce tape friction and enable precise data tracking.  Estimated media life of Sony AIT4 cartridge is almost 30 years.

Sony AIT-4 is the industry's leading tape drive in robustness and performance with MTBF of 400,000 hours, enabling the users to handle the demanding requirements of enterprises at the best price.  Therefore, the customers are provided complete peace of mind that their business data is safe.  Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.


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