Speeding up Media Copy and Transfer Jobs

Anybody who's ever worked on a network understands that network storage devices can sometimes make the process of copying anything a very fast and easy thing to do. This also applies to media, but the problem with media is that, in many cases, it needs to be put back into the original format. Simply put, making a copy on the network is not what needs to be done; the media needs to be copied directly to other forms of removable media. This is one of the situations where a DVD tower can save a great deal of time for any company.
A DVD tower can hold a huge amount of optical media. Some of the largest can hold up to 12 DVDs at once. This does not count the amount of information that they can hold on their hard drives. In many cases, the CD DVD storage server is used to hold information that is taken off of discs in image format. This means that, instead of copying directly from one DVD to another, you can simply copy from an image to the optical media. This allows the data transfer to be as fast as the speed of the DVD burner.
It also allows for a situation where the CD server can simultaneously produce many different copies of the same media at the same time. Instead of making CDs and DVDs one by one, a DVD tower allows as many as 12 of them to be made at once. In most cases, this means that burning any amount of copies in the form of optical media will only take one pass, unless you have an extremely large amount of copies that need to be made. Even in those cases, this can cut down on the amount of time it takes to duplicate CDs a great amount.
A DVD tower often serves as a network attached storage device, as well. NAS devices allow information to be shared over the network by several different computers at the same time. In the case of a DVD tower, it allows the information contained on one optical disc to be simultaneously accessed by multiple computers. Because this information can be converted into an image on the CD server's hard drive, it can be made available even when the disk is not in any of the physical optical drives attached to the DVD tower.


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