Streamlining Installations from Subscription Discs

There is really no way to streamline the installation of subscription updates and program upgrades if those things are being installed off of removable media. The best way to streamline this process is to use a CD DVD storage server, which permits the image of the CD to be stored on a hard drive. Of course, many subscription CDs require that the CD be loaded into the computer itself before any software can be installed. This is also something that the CD server can help to eliminate.
Network attached storage devices in the form of CD DVD loaders allow information to be taken off of optical media and to be stored in the form of an image on a hard drive. Over the network, individual client machines can access the image of the CD server. As far as the computer is concerned, the image that is being accessed is the equivalent of the CD being put into the drive. This means that IT professionals or, if security protocols permit, regular employees can apply patches, upgrades and subscription updates to their computers from these networked images. This is one of the strengths of NAS technology.
A DVD server is useful for many different types of businesses simply because physical CDs are used as an element of security by many different software developers. To ensure that their licenses aren't abused, they require that the CD be placed in the drive during installation or subscription updates. A DVD tower doesn't violate licenses in any way. In fact, there is some software that allows for seat licensing requirements to be controlled via the server devices. What CD and DVD loaders provide is simply the elimination of the need to use the optical media on each separate machine.
In some cases, the optical media provided for subscription updates can be very expensive if it needs to be replaced. Using network storage devices allows you to ensure that the CD stays in the best condition possible and that nobody's update or upgrade is held up because of an accident with the CD. It only needs to be used once and, afterwards, the image on the network storage device can be accessed and used in place of the actual CD. This is also an excellent feature for when you simply need to share information. A CD DVD storage server can share any type of information that is contained on optical media over a network.


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