6 Benefits Of Cheap, Affordable 1U Linux Servers

While most people are familiar with the Windows operating system on their desktop computers, many do not truly understand the meaning of the term ‘operating system'. An operating system is the piece of software that allows you to use your hardware at all. Without the operating system, you would not be able to tell your hardware what you wanted it to do. Linux is an alternative operating system to Windows, and while it is not often found on regular desktop computers, it is often used in more industrial or commercial contexts. 1U Linux servers, for instance, are extremely common in offices around the world. If you are thinking of purchasing a new 1U server, then you might wish to consider 1U Linux servers.

The first and most important benefit of utilizing 1U Linux servers for your network instead of servers running any other operating system is that Linux is a much more stable operating system than most others. Stability means not crashing at random intervals or having any other problems. With 1U Linux servers, you can rest assured that your network will run smoothly and continue running smoothly for a long time without any glitches whatsoever.

Another advantage of 1U Linux servers is their size. A 1U server is a server that meets the industry standard specifications for the shortest available height. The ‘1U' in its name is actually a unit of measurement, and 1U is the smallest unit available. With a 1U server, you will be able to store your server in almost any short shelf without the need for a large cabinet or cupboard.

1U Linux servers also offer the benefit of being almost entirely free. The Linux operating system is among those operating systems classified as ‘open source', meaning that the entire code for the system is available online for free or at a nominal fee, and it is thus extremely cheap to download and install on your server system. Doing so can save you a lot of money when compared to the expenses of purchasing other, much more expensive operating systems.

The Linux operating system is a very streamlined piece of software, allowing it to work and process digital information much faster than most other operating systems. With such computing power, your network will virtually fly along at speeds much higher than other operating systems would be able to achieve on the exact same hardware setup.

While Linux is not a very popular operating system among consumers, it certainly benefits from this relative anonymity in one extremely important way – no viruses. Because such a limited number of people utilize the Linux operating system on their computers, hackers seldom bother even trying to develop viruses that infect Linux systems. The system itself is also much more difficult to hack or infect with viruses than a regular Windows-based system.

Being open-source, a great many developers around the world work with Linux entirely of their own accord, and they are constantly tweaking and developing the software, allowing it to reach new heights. This has led to a wide range of tweaks and modifications that are readily available, and you can choose those that suit your particular purposes and add them on to your own system.

So instead of troubling yourself with unwieldy and unstable operating systems like Microsoft Windows, why not install Linux on your 1U server and enjoy a problem-free networking experience!


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