Benefits of the PLC Counter Modules of MSX-E

The following are the benefits of the PLC Counter Modules of MSX-E :
• The modules of MSX-E are applied for length measurement and as a module of multi¬function counter.
• The MSX-E modules can be flown and synchro¬nized in the area of μs (micro second) and therefore allow the concurrent acquisition of measuring position and values.
• The MSX-E modules have been built up for use in harsh environmental conditions. The modules of I/O (Input / Output) can be used in the expanded temperature range from -40 degree Celsius to +85 degree Celsius (-40 °C to +85 °C). They communicate to protection class IP 65 (class Internet Protocol 65) and are consequently guarded against splash dust and water. The I/O (Input / Output) modules normally arrange without the "protection" of switch cabinets. This reduces cost and space in the production hall or in the measuring room. In addition, the modules are provided with various protective circuits. This contains an optical isolation of up to 1,000 V and a short circuit and reverses polarity protection.
• Monitoring and parameterization through web server save time, in exacting when setting up measuring facilities, and make flexibility. The modules of ADDI-DATA consequently give measuring values directly on the monitor of the technician's Personal Computer (PC), for instance check whether measuring values present and are transferred to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).
• Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) allows a simple link to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and the trouble-free forwar¬ding of measuring data to the remote maintenance or IT level (Information Technology level) with password and encryption.
• Data storage at On-board RAM (Random Access Memory).
• Software keeps updated can be simply installed at any time on the modules of MSX-E.

The product range contains modules with added functionalities: digital Input / Output or digital I/O (24 V) in multifunction counter module; module input analog, e.g. for the laser sensors acquisition; module of analog output. A module Ethernet for the temperature acquisi¬tion is in research. The connection of module is easy, as the connection block is alike for all modules. This includes a 24 V power supply, Ethernet, and trigger/synchronization


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