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Computer system consists of many software and hardware. Software is a package of cods or program with which you can access any computer hardware, computer software like Windows XP, any antivirus program, window media player etc. Hardware is a stuff which you can actually see and touch, and would likely break if you threw it out from a window.
Every computer system has not exactly the same hardware. Most of the personal computer system use same hardware but laptops and notebook computers have different hardware. Laptops hardware is small in size and more expensive compare to desktop computers.
The hardware used in today’s computer is CD or DVD drive, monitor, system unit (consist of cup and other devices), mouse, keyboard, speaker and hard disk, these devices are also called peripheral devices.
The pen drive, floppy drive and CD or DVD drive are often referred to as removable media or removable device for short, because you can remove whatever disk is currently in the drive, and replace it with another. You’re all information or data stored in your computer's hard disk; your pc hard disk can store as much information as tens of thousands of CD and DVD disks. Today’s much capacity hard drives are available so don't worry about running out of space on your hard disk any time.

Most common hardware used in your computer:

Random Access Memory (RAM)
Your computer’s hard disk keep stored your all data but mostly you all use only a small amount of all that’s available data during sitting at the computer. The stuff you're working with at any given moment is stored in random access memory. It often abbreviated RAM and also called simply memory. The major advantage of RAM is your data are store whenever you're working on at the particular moment. Ram is much faster than any disk. These days RAM are available in different-different capacity, you can use it according to your need. RAM provides you fast processing to less time waiting and more time being productive

RAM is much faster than hard-disk but your all information and data are stored in your computer because RAM is volatile in nature it means whenever your system shutdown you’re all data will be destroyed from RAM. Hard disk can hold information or data forever with or without electricity. Most modern hard disks have tens of billions of bytes of storage space on them. This means that you can create, save, and download files for months or years without using up all the storage space it provides.

Your mouse has at least two buttons on it. The button on the left side is called the primary mouse button and the button on the left side is called the secondary mouse button or just the right mouse button. I'll just refer to them as the left and right mouse buttons. Many mice have a small wheel between the two mouse buttons it is basically used for scrolling the pages on your computer window.

The mouse is designed according to rest your hand comfortably on it, with your finger touching the left mouse button. Then as you move the mouse, the mouse pointer moves in the same direction. When moving the mouse, try to keep the buttons aimed toward the monitor don't twist the mouse as that just makes it all the harder to control the position of the mouse pointer.
The buzzwords that describe how you can use the mouse easily:

Point: To point to an item means to move the mouse pointer so that it's touching the item.

Click: Point to the item, then press and release the left mouse button.

Double-click: Point to the item, and press the left mouse button twice in rapid succession - click-click as fast as you can.

Right-click: Point to the item, then press the mouse button on the right.

Drag: Point to an item, then hold down the left mouse button as you move the mouse. To drop the item, release the left mouse

Right-drag: Point to an item, then hold down the right mouse button as you move the mouse. To drop the item, release the
right mouse button

It is work like a mouse. It provides interface between user and computer. You need a keyboard when you want to typing text. The keys on the keyboard are laid out like the keys on a typewriter but modern keyboard has some special keys like “Esc” (Escape), “Ctrl” (Control), and “Alt” (Alternate).another keys are F1, F2, F3 and so forth, these are across the top of the keyboard and called function keys. Numeric keypad also available on the keyboard, it is basically used for mathematical calculation. Navigation keys also available on the modern keyboards you can use the navigation keys to move around through text on the screen.
The notebook and laptops keyboard are different in size and some features. There navigation keys and numeric keypad might be one in the same and a Num Lock key on the keypad. When the Num-Lock key is on the numeric keypad keys type numbers and when the Num-Lock key is off the navigation keys come into play. The Num Lock key acts as a toggle.


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