Confidently Use the Backup Virtualization with LTO-5 Ultrium Tape Format

It's a fact that majority of the organizations depend quite heavily on backup tape solutions to create backups and secure their valuable corporate data. LTO ultrium is an industry leading tape format that offers highly economical backup performance, and allows seamless data interchange with its unique multivendor compatibility. LTO-5 tape, the newest LTO generation, offers an incredible compressed capacity of 3 terabytes. LTO 5 ultrium technology provides dramatic cost saving and features many compelling attributes to upgrade.

IT managers can maximize their investment and best utilize the performance of LTO-5 tape devices with backup virtualization. This new innovative technology has brought greater flexibility, reliability and helps to increase the efficiency of backup devices. Backup virtualization technology is appliance based that provides a common hardware platform to the backup applications, thus reducing the complexity and ensuring efficient utilization of tape resources. Backup virtualization optimizes the communication between backup application and tape storage hardware.

Backup virtualization functionality assists the LTO-5 ultrium tape technology to reach its full potential. You can directly transfer the data from disk storage area onto the LTO-5 backup tape, which enables high-speed data transfer with rock solid reliability. The result is that the LTO-5 tape drive can quickly read/write the data without any interruptions, and the backup applications can quickly fulfill the restore request. LTO 5 tape drives offer 140 Mbps native transfer rate.

Main selling point of LTO solution is its "openness" that has resulted in competitive prices and faster paced enhancements in LTO tape products. Some of the best selling LTO5 tape brands are TDK, Quantum, Fuji, Dell, HP, Maxell, Sony, IBM and Imation. Their respective part numbers are 61857, MR-L5MQN-01, 16008030, 02H9YH, C7975A, 229323, LTX1500G, 46X1290 and 27672. Some of the other industry leading backup technologies are SLR tape, DLT tape, VXA tape, DDS-DAT tape, AIT tape, RDX cartridge, SDLT tape and Travan tape.

LTO-5 tape drive features the advantageous backward write and read compatibility with LTO 4 backup tapes. What's more, the backward read compatibility of LTO-5 tape drive has been extended to the LTO-3 tape generation. Reliable data security features of earlier LTO generations including AES data encryption system and WORM functionality have been incorporated in LTO 5 tape products that provide long term protection to your data at rest. WORM functionality prevents stored information from being unintentionally erased or modified.

Encrypting the backup data provides protection against un-authorized access. Both these robust technologies play an important role in satisfying the regulatory compliance requirements. In addition to these cutting-edge technologies, new media partitioning system has been introduced in LTO-5 that makes backup storage process simple and more efficient. Now the LTO-5 tape can be conveniently used just like a flash USB drive of any other removable storage media. This enables the customers to easily store and share large data files across a wide range of servers and storage intensive IT environments.

With backup virtualization, the customers of LTO5 ultrium tape technology can significantly enhance their productivity and trim other backup infrastructure expenses. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.


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