Linux VPS - Virtual Private Servers

Linux VPS servers are a separate, virtual server who stands with other VPS servers on one physical server. With VPS server you have root access as a result of which you yourself can manage this server. YOU are therefore entirely free software which you wish on your own VPS install server. At your VPS server you get a web interface in which you can manage these. By means of this web interface you yourself can manage several things like for example her install. At each VPS server you get Control panel direct admin with a server permit free with o.a.CentOs5.x, apache2.x, php5.x, mysql5.x, mail server. VPS servers are ideal as between a step to their own dedicated server.

Vast information

Because each Linux VPS server are own granted quantity of memory, hard disk and data movement it use of other VPS servers will exert no influence then. Because of this are you insures of own guaranteed surroundings for your applications which you leap about in this. Because each VPS server its own surroundings have had these therefore own fought melding and addressing, functions and thereby hearing performance? Moreover it is possible for at each moment at upgrading to a larger parcel. Resources therefore more need you than are possible you by doing here have simple upgrade. VPS server are therefore ideal with you measure to grow.

Free name server at Direct Admin

Linux VPS servers with Direct Admin standard with name server access are provided to 2 of our root name servers. YOU do not have therefore yourself the name servers and the setup have been this way regulated ensure that Direct Admin automatically these servers for you have update so that you none looks round there to. Because of this you have therefore a side and ready webhosting platform to your arrangement.
Pay attention to the smallest parcel VPS 256 are not really arranged to do activities a lot hosting, the other parcels have been extremely arranged for that. This parcel is perfectly for test aims.

Also to use for

But for webhosting Linux VPS server has been not only arranged because you yourself have ROOT access can you with your server much more do. Think of test surroundings for software/mail server/voice server or each other desired Linux application. Because you by means of the control panel have rebuild function is it perfectly surroundings test software. It would not probably go this way if you want can you these way re building and have you a clean installation to your arrangement.

Quality hardware

We use servers along with two Xeon CPUs and as a hardware Dell 16GB memory. By are able commitments such powerful machines we to quality offer with such lots resources. By our vast contracts with Dell and our large stock of hardware we can give very fast response on hardware problems. Because of this we can guarantee you minimum 75% of CPU irrespective of your parcel choice to strength. The up to internal memory has been coupled to the chosen parcel. All prices VAT free keep of VAT in that tariff 0 are, therefore you pay no VAT. From the above no rights can be derived. Type and presses errors reserves.


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