When buying business notebook what should be take into consideration

EMails and surf station :

On the train, in the library or office is a notebook useful working tool and communications center. With the right equipment, you also miss trips to nothing.

Weight: Less is more

Every gram of weight load on the road, so a laptop is light-weight, the first choice. So-called netbooks or sub-notebook computers, often without a DVD drive and a very small screen, weigh only about one kilogram. Fully-equipped models get a lot more on the scale, but also offer a more extensive facilities. A 15-inch notebook like Acer Aspire One Battery should weigh no more than three kilograms.

Battery life note

Important selection criterion is the willingness of the battery. If the energy storage out here too fast, you always need a power outlet nearby. Two hours of battery life are minimized. Otherwise, you may need a replacement battery – which is next to the power supply then a further additional weight in the luggage. In each test, the COMPUTER Acer Aspire 1310 Battery life at work and the video playback is tested.

The correct processor

The Acer Aspire 5560 battery time also depends directly on the processor used: special mobile processors operate energy-efficient than conventional models for the desktop PC. So if you want long remain independent from the power supply should choose a processor that consumes less power – for Beipsiel models with core processor or i3 called ULV. The small netbooks have the most energy-efficient, but not as powerful Atom processor from Intel. For office work and for surfing the internet reaches the speed. Larger tasks like video editing, one should not expect notebook with Atom processor.

Mobile Internet and other wireless networking

Current laptops like Acer Aspire 3810T Battery are equipped with wireless receiver for wireless internet. To also use the Internet via the UMTS mobile phone network, is usually still a special add-on card (Express Card or USB) required; is also Bluetooth recommended. In order to synchronize such as phone numbers, contacts or calendar in your phone with Outlook.

Glossy Display

A number of laptops like Acer Aspire 3820T Battery are equipped with high-gloss screens, which provide for the display of videos and images, brilliant colors and high contrast. Disadvantage: In a bright environment they reflect strong – keep a light shirt or window reflections. Matte screens are less sensitive in this regard and therefore better for use outdoors


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